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5 Must Haves for a Website to Sell Used Car

The average ownership span for a car in India has reduced considerably. This means a lot of people are selling their cars faster than before. But do all of them have good experience when they try to sell used Hyundai Santro Xing in Bangalore? Not really.

Many sellers these days prefer to sell their cars using online channels. So how do you decide which online website is ideal for you to sell your used car?

Genuine Buyers

The website should have a genuine buyers only. A lot of websites can have dealers presenting themselves as buyers. So it is better if the website does a background verification of the buyer as well.

Free Inspection

Some websites require you to get your car inspected and submit the inspect report. They may tell you where the inspection has to be done. However, an ideal website or aggregator will offer you inspection service. They will pick up your car, get it inspected and certify it for the buyers on its website.

Choice to Sell

A lot of time web aggregators insist that you sell your car to them and they would then sell it to the buyer. However, an ideal digital platform should give you the option to choose whether you want to sell to the aggregator of you want to sell directly to the buyer.

Share Buyers’ Contact Details

Many websites hide the contact details of the buyers. This makes it difficult for the sellers to directly interact with the buyers. But a good website will give you the buyer’s details and let you establish an interaction with them.

Handle Paperwork

There are websites that offer help with paperwork and legal formalities. This relieves the seller from the headache of ensuring the transfer of ownership is completed.

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