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How to Distribute Flyers

Flyers are a proven and highly effective way to get your message across to people at a low cost, and with minimal effort. Flyers are useful for all kinds of businesses and for many different purposes, from promoting events to giving information. But flyers only truly work when they connect with their intended market.

So how do you make sure that your flyer printing investment does not go to waste?

Take a look at these ideas, which will help you distribute your flyers depending on your budget, your marketing goals, and your time. Before you start distributing your flyers you need to figure out who exactly you want your flyers to reach. This will help determine an effective distribution strategy that will help you achieve your marketing goals.

Do a Door Drop

One of the most common places you encounter flyer printing and leaflet printing is on your doormat. If you want a large number of people to see your flyer, a door drop can be successful. You could do this yourself with the help of other people in your organisation, or you can pay for a postal service that will deliver these leaflets with the mail. You may be able to work with another organisation and use their flyers in combination with yours.

Get Them Inside Newspapers

Another convenient way of distributing flyers is to add them as an insert into newspapers or magazines. These may be delivered to people or they may be bought at a store. Either way you will probably have to pay to insert your flyers in this way, but it can be a good way of targeting a set of people who you want to receive your leaflets, plus you do not have to deliver them yourself.

Hand Them Out at an Exhibition

An exhibition or trade show is the perfect place to hand out some of your flyers. Flyers are perfect for display stands and exhibition stands. And when you are handing out flyers at trade shows you can be sure you are reaching your intended market.

Display Them In-store

You can get your flyers into the hands of interested people by displaying them in the appropriate places, for example at the till when you are advertising a future promotion, in a bar for an event, or in a café or shop. Make sure that you are allowed to leave flyers in someone else’s premises.

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