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How to Hire Young People

Business experts all around the world have done research on the millennial generation. One of the most-discussed business strategies among these experts is how to target young people. Young people are a key targeted audience for a lot of reasons. For example, young people have the power to turn a product into a viral sensation. Think of the recent explosion in the popularity of fidget toys and you’ll understand how important it is to capture a young audience.

But beyond targeting young people when it comes to advertising and products, it’s also important to get young people to work for you. Whether you’re a marketing agency or a software company, there are several advantages to hiring young people for your business. Why is this? Well, young people offer a different perspective when it comes to creative ideas and approaches to tasks. The older generation might not be as tech-savvy as young people, for example. Younger generations know how to use the latest technology and can implement it into your business infrastructure with ease.

So if you’d like to learn how to hire more young people, you’re going to need some helpful strategies and resources. Although the millennial generation is very different from older ones, there are still some great ways to get young people’s attention.

Talk Benefits

While ascribing a particular trait to an entire generation is a generalisation, there are still some things that nearly every millennial has in common with his or her peers. When attracting new employees, you need to think about what young people want. The younger generation loves creativity, new trends, pop culture, technology, and lots of benefits. When putting together salary packages, talk about the exciting aspects of the job even if there aren’t many. Talk about the kinds of benefits that a young person can expect to receive when he or she comes to work for you.

Get a Recruiter

There are millions of young people so don’t worry if you can’t target all of them. Instead, reach out to a future recruiter. A future recruiter targets talented prospects who are graduating from college or even high school and are looking to enter the workforce in the next couple of years. These recruiters specialise in looking for early talent in the form of entry-level employees and interns who are looking to boost their CVs.

You can find early talent recruiters at websites such as weareamberjack.com/. By using a future talent recruiter, you’ll not only be able to hire young people but you’ll be able to hire qualified young people.

Don’t Underpay

While it’s so easy to hire a million interns to work for you for free, you’ll have a higher turnover rate with your younger staff. People are eventually going to want money and you can’t expect to underpay someone for more than a year. If you see a promising future employee, don’t be afraid to offer him or her a job. You can still offer him or her an entry-level salary but you’ll at least give him or her an incentive to stick around and pursue his or her career with you instead of your competitor.

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