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Why Plants VS Zombies Is Quite Addicting

The online world is making it possible for us to do almost everything in our own room. We can do the most important things by just clicking the mouse and we can also do the simplest things in the same way such as playing games. Yes, it will be like the internet can give us everything we need. Are you fond of playing online games? If that is the case, for sure you already played the offline version of plants vs zombies? But do you know that there is also an online version?

That is right! Plants vs zombies is also available online from free online jogos friv best games. But why do you think plants vs zombies game really stir the interest of most online gamers? What is in this game that is making them addicted to it? The reasons can be because of the following factors:

Plants VS Zombies ...

The characters are really amazing and unique

That is right! This is probably the first time you see plants fighting for the house’ owner just so the zombies cannot get in. They are really plants like peas, corn and so on. They are simply amazing each doing their own thing just to defend the owner of the house as once the zombies can get in, they will eat the owner’s brain!

Several modes to unlock

This might be another reason why this game is quite addicting. They have tons of surprises like a number of modes to unlock. You might think that it is easy to unlock all the modes but that is not the case really as they have this giant zombie that can kill any plant with just a whack of his bone. Yes, you really have to strategize to unlock some modes and this is also part of the excitement.

Plants VS Zombies .

A number of endless modes

Yes, you will never get tired of plants vs zombies as they don’t just have a single endless mode but a number of them. Thus if you get tired with this particular endless mode, you can just switch to another endless mode.

And lastly, this game also comes with a garden for your plants. In this garden, you can earn a lot of money in which you can use to also unlock some modes. Indeed there are so many reasons why one would get addicted with plants vs zombies.

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