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Why Choose Rolls Over Sheets of Labels?

Many small businesses and start-up businesses start making their own labels from the beginning, using a home printer and sheets of labels. When done in extremely small quantities, this option offered cost-effective prices and many benefits. However, as these businesses grew and gained more success, they began to see an increase in demand for their products and see too much business for this simple method. The more that your orders grow over time, the more you want to have presentable and professional labels designed to give a great impression of your business from every angle. The best thing companies did for themselves at this stage was to change from sheets of labels to rolls and they also chose to buy higher-quality label printers for their facilities. Once they equipped themselves with the right machines, they had only to contact a professional label provider to get started saving time and money.


As with many items, buying larger quantities often saved businesses money in the long run and the same became true of labels. Dial A Label Melbourne is one such company that provided these label rolls, helped companies save time and money as they moved forward. To better understand the savings, the numbers can be broken down. Mathematically, the difference in cost per label is an outstanding 400% difference in favour of rolls of labels. At about $22.51 AUD per 1,000 label roll, you end up spending just a fraction of a 5¢ coin. Compared to a box of sheet labels, you spend closer to 10¢ per label. With such a dramatic difference, you stand to save significant numbers in the long run, allowing you to allocate more funds to other aspects of the business.

Faster Printing

You can print labels faster and increase your productivity with rolls of labels because you can use them in dedicated label printers. Any company will tell you that time saved is money saved and you stand to cut costs with this as well. Rolls of labels can be used on fast digital roll-fed printers that produce gorgeous long-lasting labels. Having an efficient label printer and applicator saves both time and money, which is an additional bonus. When you choose rolls over sheets, you cut down time spent printing by as much as 50%, which can allow you to put more time toward other aspects of the business. You deserve nothing less than being able to use every moment of your time effectively and this simple switch might make that possible.

Waste Less

The most important characteristic of rolls of labels when compared to sheets labels proves that you save money by cutting down on wasted labels. Rolls of labels are more economical due to the fact that you waste only one label if your machine should falter, unlike sheets which might ruin dozens at a time. Unlike sheets of labels printed by your home printer, rolls of labels create less waste, and with a home printer you most likely waste labels trying to line them up properly. When you move on with your company and choose to buy a professional printer, you continue to save money by effectively reducing waste to zero, which is something many companies strive for in every aspect of manufacture.

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