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What is the Ink Rub Test? Benefits of Ink Rub Test

Labels are one of the most important aspects when manufacturing a product, especially for safety and electrical devices. Because of the critical information that the label carries, it must be sturdy and long-lasting. All labels must undergo an extensive check called an ink rub test or ink test to verify that they are sturdy enough to last a long time.

What do we understand about the Ink Rub Test?

An ink rub test is a labeled test in which a label is rubbed against an abrasive after rubbing several hundred times before the label is examined for the readability of the information. Different fluids, such as alcohol and even soaps, can be used for the same. While rub testing is often performed on equipment where the label is critical to safety, any product label or even a brochure can be tested. This ink test may be used in any application to ensure that abrasion does not fade the ink. An ink rub test is carried out using specially designed apparatus such as the Sutherland 2000. The ink rub test results are critical for confirming that the product satisfies established standards.

1.    Enhanced Product Safety

Ink rub testing is best known for improving product safety. Labels include vital product safety information. Labels on machinery provide information such as the electrical rating, warnings, the product code, and even basic operating instructions. These must be visible for the duration of the machinery’s life. Otherwise, major safety issues may occur. A product safety hazard may emerge if this information is not immediately accessible to the operator. This might result in responsibility for the product’s producer or user. An ink rub test helps confirm that the label is durable and that all necessary precautions have been taken.

2.    Compliance with all kinds of standards

Compliance with national and international standards, such as the IEC, necessitates using an ink test. Meeting these criteria can be the difference between entering a market and lingering in international limbo. Regarding label durability, these criteria are serious and must be considered. The UL has stringent criteria when it comes to labeling and ensuring that the label does not fade. It is well acknowledged that learning about a product is the first step in staying safe. As a result, their rules require a specific level of product label durability. Only an ink rub test can demonstrate its durability in the best manner.

3.    Increase in product value

An important advantage of ink testing is that it increases the product’s value. Putting a label on a product, like how an artist may sign his paintings, is a source of pride for a well-done job. The resale value of anything contributes to its overall worth. A high resale value is a true differentiator. When looking at a product, a quality, the long-lasting label is frequently regarded as a sign of quality, especially several years down the road. An ink rub test ensures that the product’s label will endure the product’s lifetime. This value addition is carried through into the product.


One of the salient features of ink rub testing is that it can demonstrate that the label is resilient and can withstand the challenges of the environment in which it finds its utility. It improves the safety of the product and guarantees that it meets standards. An ink rub test is one of the most responsible things to do if someone wants to increase the value of their product.

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