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Vinyl Skins Help Make a Good First Impression

First impressions – as much as we don’t think we rely on them, we can’t help but make them. Whenever you meet someone or see something new, you make instant, sometimes unconscious, judgements about that person, place, or thing. In as little as 7 seconds, you arrive at an opinion that may or may not be right but has the ability to influence the way you think about the person or object.

You can’t escape this 7 second window when people are meeting you for the first time, and you know how rarely the chance for a 2nd first impression comes along. You want to be on your best behaviour during introductions, which is why you style your hair the way you do, wear your clothes the way you do, and act the way you do around others. But it isn’t just your person that’s influencing other people’s first impressions of you. Especially when it comes to business meetings, it can be something as simple as the look of your laptop that affects their feelings.

A beat up Mac that’s covered in battle scars isn’t going to play in your favor. Scratches, scuffs, dirt, grime, and dents can project the wrong image to clients, colleagues, and future friends alike. Whether it’s true or not, these damages suggest you don’t care about your electronics, and it doesn’t take 7 seconds to extrapolate what this can mean about your work ethic. If you’re at all concerned about the image you create, then consider how your MacBook looks. Cover up old damages (and prevent new ones) with a vinyl skin you can customize.

Decorative skins and decals apply to your MacBook much like a sticker but without any of the annoying adhesives. They match the laptop curve for curve, creating unbeatable coverage that can be measured down to the micro-millimeter. The average ruler won’t let you measure for yourself, but once you see one applied, you can tell it’s made to fit. They’re also made to look good. While they’re covering the original grey aluminum, MacBook decals present to the world any number of colors, textures, or combination thereof. From pink carbon fiber to smooth zebra wood, there’s something for everyone.

Whatever you choose, make sure the skin is made out of 3M vinyl. Only some providers can offer this quality grade material, but it’s worth the search. 3M vinyl MacBook skins, like those made by dbrand engineers, are strong enough to withstand sharp objects and rough surfaces so you can stop additional damages from affecting your first impression. Read more about how 3M vinyl is the stronger choice at dbrand.com/macbook-skins. Simply choose your Mac and go from there.

With a MacBook skin wrapped around your laptop, you can throw your computer into your bag without any second thoughts. Its durable material will stop any more damages from ruining the sleek look of your computer and cover up any past damages that have scored the smooth aluminum. First impressions will always work in your favor, as your customized skin will project the right image to everyone you meet.

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