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Used Wagon R Duo for Sale in Mumbai

The used car or the “pre-owned” car, as it is officially known, business occupies an important place in the automobile industry. Typically, these are vehicles owned and driven by people previously and subsequently sold to resellers. The price is the most attractive factor in such automobiles along with a lot of other considerations. So, when looking to buy second-hand cars of otherwise reputed automobile brands like the used Wagon R Duo for sale in Mumbai, you might consider the tips mentioned below before making a decision.

Take a Test Drive

Before buying a vehicle, it is almost a norm to take a test drive in it. This helps you to get a feel of the vehicle’s performance, both in the city roads and the highways. The brakes get checked, along with any engine troubles indicated by incongruous sounds or impediments in vehicle drivability at varying speeds.

Check Its Current Condition Properly

The look and feel of the cars is important, irrespective of whether it’s a used car or not. The quality of maintenance of its interior and exterior can indicate volumes about the overall condition of the car. Have a thorough look-over; note any major alterations and whether repairs are visible to the naked eye. Make a point of opening the hood and checking for troublesome rusted parts also.

Look for Leaks

The best way of checking for leaks in a car is to let the car run for a minute, then moving it and look for fluids droppings underneath it. The different colors of the fluids generally indicate the faulty areas in the car. Black fluids point towards oil leaks and pink ones are indicative of transmission line leakages.

Get an Inspection Done by a Mechanic

For checking technical faults, an inspection by an independent professional mechanic is usually the way to proceed. He is the best person to identify both current and probable future problem areas of the vehicle and prevent potentially costly maintenance with time.

Buy Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Another way to avoid issues with used vehicles is to opt for certification or warranty offered by local dealers or brand showrooms. Through this system, you get an extra level of assurance on the vehicle and rest as the re-seller himself is vouching for the vehicle. Also, many types of fraudulent practices like altering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) are avoided in this manner.

To conclude, following the tips mentioned above will go a long way in ensuring that you are buying a pre-owned car in the best possible condition.


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