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Tips for transcription & Audio transcription provider

You think you specialize in audio transcription. Word-to-word interview, revised lectures, meeting minutes, types of work are varied and many opportunities. Here are 5 steps to follow in your new career:

  1. Ask about

Visit the many sites and blogs dedicated to audio transcription and independent secretariat, you will find valuable information on the various mandates that are available to you.Just like the pa ilottery on mobile you will also have to opt for the best.

  1. Equip

Download the free Express Scribe software that supports most of the most popular audio formats and has no expiry date. It is an ideal tool to train you and even for most mandates you will have to perform. You will need a good helmet to isolate you from outside noise and a professional kit of transcription with pedalboard.

  1. Practice

Once equipped with this software, practice on files found on the internet. Just pick the conference you want to transcribe and download it to your computer before you can read it with Express Scribe. With time and practice, you will gain in dexterity.

  1. To be accompanied

Do you lack insurance? Work with other tele-secretaries. First, for free, it allows you to get your hands in real conditions, on real contracts.

  1. Find your own customers

Offer your services in the sector that interests you the most and enrich your portfolio. The main disadvantage of this sector remains the difficult competition on prices. Nevertheless, customers are loyal. So, with a little patience and perseverance, we manage very well to build a portfolio of customers enough to live on.

Audio transcription provider: which one to choose?

Audio transcription is a profession of which the actors are more and more numerous. Since the creation of the status of auto-entrepreneur, a large number of writers and writers have embarked on the adventure. Finding a good provider is not easy.

A service provider specializing in the transcription of audio recordings

The provider who uses speech recognition software as part of an audio transcription will be banned. Indeed, it is difficult for this software to recognize the different interlocutors on the recordings and the final text file may not be up to your expectations. If you are unable to find out about the use of this type of software, taking into account the time required to deliver your meeting reports will give you an idea. The world of audio transcription needs to be active in order to find the agency or audio transcriptionist that will best meet the needs of its customers. Do not hesitate to visit the online sites of professionals and order to analyze the information present. This will allow you to choose in any case.

A specialist in the delivery of annotated and corrected documents

A good provider obviously masters the language, he is an expert in data entry and he has software solutions allowing him to succeed in his activity. He sometimes works in a team or in direct collaboration with his clients.

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