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The Top Benefits of Investment Castings

Number of processes is utilized to manufacture parts that you may require for your own manufacturing or whatever projects you are executing. Of all the processes, investment casting or lost wax process is a very popular option for not only a quality end product and rapid turnaround but it also offers number of array materials in the most intricate shapes, sizes and configuration options. Most prefer it for their casting needs. It provides a much superior surface finish when compared to sand casted, forged or welded fabrications. Few of its noteworthy and specific benefits are –

  • Reliability – This process always provides both reliable process controls and repeatability that remains uniform from casting to casting.
  • Tolerances – Through this process the castings can easily hold tolerances up to ± .005” which is normally not possible with other casting processes.
  • Amortization Lowers Tooling Cost – For casting, an initial wax injection mold is needed to produce the pattern which is often averaged over the entire production quantity. The cost for this is often lower here than in other casting processes. Here a quality part is produced through a quality tooling which proves more cost efficient in the end.
  • Environment friendly – Investment castings are produced from 9 wax patterns which can mostly be reclaimed for reuse. Wax pattern easily facilitates the see the part before it gets casted which eliminates expensive revisions and reducing metal scrap. Additionally, by this process, parts can be produced to net or near net shapes, thereby significantly reducing both cost and time for secondary machining. Even the scraps from secondary services like machining are easily reused.
  • Design & casting versatility – With the lost wax process, numerous ferrous and nonferrous casting alloys can be used to produce casting which find rampant use in a variety of industries. The process provides maximum design flexibility to manufacture any kind of complex and multi part products for any industry.
  • Intricate design – Using this process, design engineers find it extremely easy to incorporate features like logos, numbers, letters, product ID’s/numbers etc. into their component. It easily allows casting of holes, slots, blind holes, internal and external splines, gears and even thread profiles which reduces secondary machining time and total part cost.

Apart from these, there are a number of other benefits of investment casting that cannot be ignored.

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