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The Retailer’s Guide to Selling Fresh Water Pearl Jewelry

When it comes to pearl jewelry, you will have plenty of options. One of which is the freshwater pearl. Contrary to what most people believed, freshwater pearls are no longer a low end pearl. Today, many people prefer to wear freshwater pearls because of their beauty and charm. Such beautiful pearls are available in various colors and shades. They are also available in various sizes and shapes. Hence, you can easily choose one that perfectly matches your taste and preference.

Facts about freshwater pearls

  • They are manmade pearls. They are farmed in China and other places where there are abundant in freshwater such as lakes and ponds.
  • It takes two to seven years to grow freshwater pearls.
  • If you farm the freshwater pearl, there is a possibility that a single shell can grow more than 30 pearls, which is pretty plenty when compared with other pearls. However, some farmers limit the graft so that the pearl has more rooms to grow. They will be bigger and their quality will be enhanced.
  • Such pearls are tissue-nucleated. A nucleus is used which is in the form of a small square piece of mantle tissue. It is the one that produce a solid nacre pearl.
  • As the pearl farming technology modernizes, the process of growing freshwater pearls has improved. Today, they are farmed in the same way saltwater pearls are farmed. Pearl farmers now use beads and the end product is larger than the ones nucleated with tissue.

As a pearl jewelry seller, it is important to know the difference between freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls. More and more people today are appreciating the beauty of freshwater pearls. Yes, they are not that sophisticated as the saltwater counterpart but they are beautiful and classy.

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