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The 3 Best Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a powerful practice that allows companies to stay consistent and to grow their demographic by being remembered and trusted by their clients. Though various methods will enable you to develop your brand, not all of them are still applicable today, with some carrying significant drawbacks or potential damage to your image when done improperly. Here are five ways of improving your brand awareness in the public eye today.

  1. Using social media influencers

Gone are the days when the primary source of a familiar face was through hiring a famous Hollywood star or an A-list actor or actress. In the age of social media, more and more individuals are seen to be active in tuning in to social media and streaming services. Twitch offers hundreds of thousands of personalities that are watched by tens of thousands of viewers, from gaming channels to vlogging streams. Certain brands and companies have taken notice of the popularity of Instagram models, YouTube stars, and Twitch Streamers to promote their products by sponsoring their content.

  1. Prioritising powerful images

Companies have much to thank graphic design artists for when it comes to creating compelling promos. With a hint of brilliance by like-minded individuals who can attract attention and emotion like Banksy, visual artists use the best images possible to convey a company’s mission and vision through powerful mediums.

But using a shocking image isn’t always all there is to ad campaigns. Pepsi’s 2017 infamous ad with Kendal Jenner to garner revolution and emotion from its viewers flopped horrendously as the product seemed to promise a resolution to heavy topics such as gender equality, protesting against the government, and many more by just sharing a can of soda with each other. It’s a smart move to raise the stakes in your promotions, but don’t forget to be self-aware at the extent of what your company’s vision is and what product you’re offering.

  1. Social media engagements

There’s no denying that a vast majority of our generation nowadays is ‘wired in’ to social media interactions, where they mostly get their news, from reactions and shares from news websites to commentary channels. Social media is a powerful driving force in today’s digital marketing age. With businesses battling over ad space in Google-affiliated websites to having their ads sponsored through Twitter and Facebook feeds, the technological advancement and convenience of today have proven to be an ad agency’s playground.

Clients can now interact easily through a company’s social media page. Customer helpdesk services are more accessible now than ever. Encouraging your customers to follow your page for frequent updates and promos makes them part of a community and keeps them up to date with potential contests and promos. Companies now invest in limited edition freebies that are won either through purchasing promos or by engaging their audiences. Promotional gifts such as tote bags, key chains, and even shirts or hoodies are popular choices for common prizes to be won in online contests.

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