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Tailor Your Marketing for Bing

It’s no secret that Google is the titan of industry when it comes to paid searches. It controls a massive share of the online search world and has never really been challenged once it took control. In fact, it is so synonymous with searches that it can be used as a verb for searching on the Internet. However, it’s not the only game in town. The Yahoo search engine is popular with certain groups of people, and Bing is very popular as well. While Bing has been the subject of quite a few jokes, it’s actually used fairly regularly. According to certain data, Bing accounts for 31% of searches. It is the default search engine on several mobile devices. Also, there are several different kinds of personal and professional incentives that have really helped Bing increase its market share. So, when you’re trying to build your business and tailor your marketing, you shouldn’t neglect Bing.

Tailoring for Bing

Since Bing accounts for almost one-third of all searches, you shouldn’t ignore how crucial that platform can be for your business. However, many people tend to slip up from the beginning. When you are setting up your resources for Bing, you’re offered a choice to import your AdWords. Typically, these come from Google. This is, by far, the easiest choice; however, it’s not the best choice. The overwhelming majority of Bing users are in the United States, whereas Google has a larger reach. If you’re trying to appeal to U.S. consumers, Bing would be a great idea. Furthermore, 87% of Bing users use Internet Explorer. That fact has a few implications: if a user is on Internet Explorer, that user is likely unable or unwilling to download a different browser. That likely means they are slightly less tech-savvy.

Also, Bing users are more likely to be over thirty-five years old. They’re more blue collar than Google users, and they are more likely to have children. These facts make Bing users an incredibly important demographic. To appeal to that demographic, you’re going to need help. You need to invest your money in a digital marketing agency with over 10 years’ experience in the field.

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Pick an Agency

Picking an agency to help you create a Bing-specific message can be somewhat difficult. There are thousands of supposed marketing firms throughout the UK. Most of these are just one or two people who might have some aptitude with computers, but they may not be actually very skilled. It can be difficult to pick the right agency. You should look for experience more than anything. If a firm has been around for a few years, you can assume that they’re delivering a quality service. Businesses survive because of repeat customers. Customers would not keep going back to the same agency if they weren’t seeing quantifiable results. If an agency has a decade of experience, they have likely developed great relationships with their clients based on their great work. That’s an agency you can trust. Expanding your business to target Bing users specifically will help you enhance your sales with a specific constituency.

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