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Strong and Sturdy Custom Shipping Box Options

Custom Shipping Boxes offers a great way to protect your products and help them get from point A to point B. With sturdy, commercial grade boxes you can be sure that your deliveries will be safe. If you use the right box for the job, you will be able to avoid damage to your products while in transit, and reduce chances of package damage. The following are four types of custom shipping boxes, all of which are designed for different uses.

Boxes for heavy items. These boxes come in multi and single pack versions. This means that they can support up to 300 pounds, making them a good choice when sending heavy items. A strong and sturdy cardboard exterior coupled with heavy-duty interiors gives these custom boxes the ability to keep strong and durable goods inside. A strong & sturdy cardboard exterior along with quality packing materials gives these boxes the ability to resist scratches, stains, and spills.

Boxes for delicate items. When it comes to fragile products, custom boxes can be a lifesaver. You can have your item personalized with your desired information or choose a box specifically made to ship jewelry. Cardboard boxes can be sensitive, so extra care should be taken when packing delicate items. A good quality box with a solid base and thick padding is a good choice for delicate items, since it will be harder to break. In addition, boxes with heavy-duty interiors provide additional protection to keep your product safe during shipping.

Shipping boxes with packing material. Smaller boxes will do for shipping small loads, but if your load is larger, you may want to consider shipping heavy materials using custom packaging. You can choose custom printed boxes that are built to withstand high-impact shipping, or use packing material specifically designed for shipping heavy loads. Some companies offer this service at an additional cost. Make sure the company you choose offers this service before choosing your custom shipping boxes.

The ultimate in convenience. Nothing is more annoying than waiting in line at the store to purchase a gift. But imagine being able to open your package immediately and unpack it yourself. If you prefer to receive your goods as soon as they arrive, you should definitely choose custom shipping boxes over a foam or plastic box. A foam box will take at least two days to fully inflate, while a plastic box will deflate in hours. And the contents within are likely to stay intact during shipping.

Box sizes for shipping. Most standard-sized boxes can fit most items that are sent commercially. However, large or oversized items, fragile items, or products that need special handling may require larger boxes or oversized packing materials, such as bubble wrap or bubble bags. To ensure that all of your possessions arrive safely, choose a custom shipping box with larger holes, or use extra packing material to cushion the product during shipment. Many companies offer expedited shipping, which allows you to have the item picked up at your home and have it waiting for deliveries within a set number of business days.

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