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Software Programmes for Beauty Salons Increase Customer Loyalty and Retention

These days, there is specialised software for nearly every profession, and this now includes the salon industry. When you operate a hair or beauty salon, you are going to be very busy on a regular basis, but this does not mean you can ignore your marketing and promotional concerns. Staying in business means continuously attracting new customers, because most businesses will lose at least a few customers on a fairly regular basis. Although the average salon has acquired roughly 3,000 customers, usually only around 20% of them are regulars. This means that with most salons, acquiring and keeping customers is an important concern, and today’s software programmes are specially designed to make this job easier.

Software Programmes for Beauty Salons

Types of Software Available

Software programmes for salons are usually designed to keep detailed records of all clients and their services, products sold, and of course, information on the appointments themselves. Software these days also includes ways to promote and market your salon, including ways to keep in constant touch with customers so they know how important they are to you and to increase the odds that they’ll come back and make another appointment. Many of these programmes have features such as:

  • An online customer loyalty card that does things like issue reward points to customers every time they bring you a referral
  • A simple way to send out reminders to customers and increase your ‘likes’ on your Facebook page
  • A tool that allows customers to send you positive feedback that you can then post on your social media pages

Software Programs for Beauty Salons

Since these programmes are made specifically for the industry, their tools include everything you need to attract and keep customers, as well as order product, send out reminders and much more. There are numerous companies that make these products, all of which seem to be very successful. It seems Phorest Salon Software is taking the US by storm and is one of the most effective software programmes out there. Regardless of which one you use, however, most of them make your job a lot easier and will even allow you to use them on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones.

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Finding the Right Software for You

The right salon software is out there, so finding the one that is right for you is only a matter of doing a little research. Between keeping track of your stock and point-of-sale items, scheduling appointments and offering cloud-based reward cards for clients, these programmes are not only exceptional promotional tools, but also make your everyday life much easier. In fact, many of the companies that offer these programmes will give you a free online quote for their services and will even allow a free demo of the product itself. In addition, most of them offer some type of online training programme so that you can learn how to take advantage of everything the software has to offer. Running a salon, therefore, just got a little easier for those who wish to purchase and use this type of software.

Right Software for You

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