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Sandblasting Helmets: A Safety tool for sandblasters

Sandblasting helmet(also calleda sandblasting hood/mask)is a safety device used by the sandblaster while performing sandblasting. It is a kind of respiratory equipment for a clean air supply supported by pressureat the time of sand blasting. The helmet has been made primarilyto protect the eyes by deflecting abrasive back.

How does a sandblasting hood work?

As mentioned earlier, sandblasting hood/helmet is a pressure supported device to provide clean air supply; the incoming air is filtered. A steady air flow is maintained to keep the dust away and prevents fogging up as well.

This particular safety device comes with a belt that enables the user to adjust the flow control and a cape. The hose that delivers the flow control is made up of material that is odorless to avoid any taste and smell inside the sandblasting mask.

The helmetsare made with replaceable lenses asthey may get regularly scratched and ice covered by sand blasting abrasives. One can also purchase cool or hot tubes to get the incoming air cooled or heated up respectively as and when needed.

Nova 3 Sandblasting helmet

The Nova 3 is till date the most superior Sandblasting hood/helmet. The visibility of this type is much greater and the comfort level in it has improvised as well. The Nova 3 sandblast helmet surpasses even the top most quality standards set for industrial safety.  It is now very much possible and a comfortable matter to keep the helmet on for hours,causing less strainand creating more productivity. It is embedded with smart features, starting from the infallibledisposition of the respirator tube to adjustable ergonomics.

They have been given other names as well, like sandblast helmets, sandblast hoods and blast helmets.The most noted ones use compressor-air with an exclusive filter for cleaning the air.The cool tube generally dropsthetemperature of the incoming air up to 30 degrees.

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