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Risks of Social Networking Marketing

For digital advocates, traditional marketing has been virtually overtaken by social media marketing. Traditional advertising promoters, however, have not given up on sticking to the time and tested conventional ways of doing advertising. Step out of your comfort zone and you will notice flyers, billboards, radio and TV adverts domineering our busy lives. These types of advertising are collectively known as traditional advertising.

Netizens can easily counter the claims of old school advertisers. As a matter of fact, it is not actually unusual to see address placed in every advertisement both in broadcast and print media. Netizens attribute this as mere indication that people recognizes the power of social network marketing.

I am a social network marketing advocate I do believe that it is the best marketing medium to reach people nowadays. Nonetheless, I cannot dismiss the fact that there are some lapses of this amazing marketing as well. Below are some social network points which have the potential to gravely affect your business.

Not everyone is a techno freak. Social media marketing is accessible but only to the people who are very much familiar with it. The demographic of likely advocates of social media are younger generations. Traditional media are quick to point out the indeed the youth are the future of the world. Thus, social network marketing is the future and claiming its dominance at present is still premature.

No room for late bloomers. Social media works well especially for early promoters. These early advocates have grown to become topnotch in social network and are raking massive fortune via the Internet. New practitioners have little room to explore but become mere replicants. Take for instance YouTube. The guys who made this are happily resting over the laurels that YouTube had become. Several new social network video sites are available nowadays with all of them drawing inspiration from YouTube.

People think it is cheap. There are people who question the effectiveness of social network mainly because of its affordability. People think that it is cheap and is therefore less effective. If we try to analyze the current trend further, TV and print ads remain to be very expensive. Strangely enough, businesses still put on large investment on TV and print ads.

There you have it, just some of social media’s Achilles heels. To social media advocates, I say do not get disappointed. Social media is still in its infancy but look closely, because it is all around you.

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