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Reasons To Buy A Refurbished Tennant Floor Scrubber

When buying a floor scrubber, you may have questions over whether to purchase a new one or go for a used, reconditioned scrubber. Many people may not have the purchasing power to purchase a brand new scrubber machine. That’s is understandable considering that with quality brands like Tennant, a brand new floor cleaning machine will cost lot of money. However, you don’t have to do without one because there are machines that have been used but are still in mint condition and can serve you like the new floor scrubbers. Here are good reasons you may want to consider buying a preconditioned Tennant floor scrubber for your cleaning chores:

Are affordable

Many people consider the price of cleaning equipment they are buying over other things. While price may not be the only factor to consider, it is an important thing to look at. The money you spend on a new machine can put a dent on your finances. Why not consider buying something used which is as good as a new machine. It will serve you for a long period and because the machine is conditioned by qualified technicians, it can perform like new. In fact, you may not notice the difference because any damaged parts are replaced to ensure it is in good working condition. This way, you can save money that you could otherwise have spent if you went for a brand new scrubber machine. A refurbished machine will almost have the same lifespan as a brand new one.

A recognized brand

There are many companies manufacturing floor scrubbers and if you aren’t careful, you may be lured to purchase an unrecognized brand. Tennant is a company that has been in business for a long time and is renowned for its quality equipment that provide unmatched cleaning solutions. The good thing with brand equipment is that they are designed to last long and do not present a lot of problems to the users. You can imagine buying a machine that breaks down a few months after. This means you will be heading to equipment stores to get another machine. You don’t have to face this agony and monetary loss because refurbished floor scrubbers from reputable brands have been tested and perform excellent.

Quality replacement parts

When you purchase your floor scrubber machine from trusted suppliers, you will have the advantage of quality replacement parts. Some brands will only put substandard parts on their used machines, which could fail anytime. If you have used floor scrubbers fitted with superior replacement parts, it means the lifespan and performance of the machine is extended. The body of the floor scrubber may look old but the parts inside are of high quality.

If you are seeking a floor cleaning machine and you don’t mind the outer appearance, then you might want to go for a used Tennant floor scrubber. It will allow you to save money, get your own cleaning equipment and enjoy living in a clean environment. If you run a cleanup business, you can count on the used machines because they will cut back the initial cost of buying the equipment or replacing those that are worn out.

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