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Quarantining with Your Dog: Secrets to Keeping a Clean and Pet-friendly Home

Many households all over the world have at least one pet living with them. For some people, their pets are more than just loyal companions. These are irreplaceable members of the family. In 2019 alone, more than half of households in the U.S. own a pet. But when the pandemic started, more people adopted pets. This led to shelters running out of pets.

Many consumers went on adopting pets as a way to cope with the crisis. Even if this meant additional responsibilities, they were willing to take the risk for the sake of their physical and mental health. But what many people are not prepared for is how they can maintain a pet-friendly home that is also clean and healthy.

Sharing your home with a pet or two can make your home happier, healthier, and livelier living space. But then, it can be tricky to keep the house clean when you have a furry friend roaming around the house. Here’s what many pet parents are doing to make sure their house is pet-friendly and clean at the same time.

Keep Your Pet and Their Stuff Clean

The first thing you can do to maintain a clean and healthy home is to keep your pet and their stuff clean. Set up a grooming routine for your pooch and use the right products. They may not require a daily bath, but a quick wash can make difference especially after an eventful day outside.

The same goes for keeping their stuff clean. This includes their toys, bed, blanket, bowls, and kennel. Follow the cleaning instructions indicated for each product.

For best results, use pet-friendly cleaning materials. Allow these to dry outside during sunny days. Air drying your dog’s stuff and allowing the sun to do all the hard work can kill any bad smells that are lingering in their stuff.

Invest in a Reliable Vacuum Cleaner

Pet fur is one undeniable nuisance many pet parents hate having to deal with. Your pet’s fur always ends up everywhere, from your clothes to your carpet. No amount of cleaning products can totally get rid of their hair and fur.

One investment you can’t afford to skip is a vacuum cleaner. This is one of the best ways to deal with pet hair and fur around the house. You need one that has enough suction power and uses this often to deal with your pet’s hair.

Vacuum maintenance and proper cleaning matter just as much as making the right investment. You want to make sure you replace the filter and clean the bag, if there is any, to keep the vacuum’s efficiency. When you encounter a problem with your vacuum, make sure you consult only a certified vacuum repair shop to fix the equipment on time.

House-train Your Dogs

It may seem impossible to train your pets to clean up after themselves. But in reality, you can train them to help you maintain a house with a few sets of commands. Aside from teaching them where to pee, you can train them to pick up their own stuff upon command and place them in designated areas.

For instance, after playing with your pooch, teach them to clean up by telling them to place their toys back to their bed or their designated box. Never allow them to truly make a mess when you are around. This will discourage them from engaging in behaviors that can soil your home.

Reward good behaviors and make sure you tell them you appreciate their willingness to act upon your command. Avoid using punishment if they accidentally make a mess. It is best if you don’t leave your pooch unsupervised for a long time, so they won’t resort to certain messy and damaging behaviors.

Deodorize Your Home

Many pet owners are tempted to stay indoors and lock themselves out while quarantining. But doing this and keeping your windows closed most time of the year will only make any odor linger inside the house. For best results, open your windows as often as you can and allow fresh air to circulate inside the house.

When using any product to deodorize the house, check the ingredients first. You want to make sure every product you use is safe for both your family and your pets. For best results, resort to natural ingredients that are safe for pets.

Don’t forget about changing your sheets, cleaning your upholstery, and dusting your room as often as possible. If you can, turn on your humidifier. Stick to a regular cleaning routine and clean up after your pet after each accident.

Taking care of pets can be tricky. But that does not mean you can no longer keep a clean home after adopting a pet or two. With a few tweaks, you can maintain a pet-friendly house that is also a clean and healthy living space for your pet and your family.

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