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Planning The Fit-Out Of Your New Office Space

When your company is moving into a new office space and you are planning its fit-out, there are many factors to consider when creating a suitable office space for your business. You must put a lot of thought and attention into the designing and planning of the layout and ensure you create a flowing space that is practical and comfortable. Without thinking about things and rushing the job, you will make an office with no flow, which will not be a productive workspace for your employees. Below are some of the different factors to consider when planning your new office space to help ensure it positively impacts your business.

Install A Sound Absorbing Ceiling

The noise levels in your office are a vital factor to consider, and you will want to reduce the volume in your workspace to make it comfortable. You can do this by installing suspended ceiling tiles that absorb sound and help to reduce the echo in a large, open space. There are various tiles available in multiple colours and designs, so you should find something suitable to fit the décor of your office space easily. The ceiling can be vital in creating a productive working environment, so you should not overlook it.

Dividing The Space In Your Office

When you start with an empty shell, you will need to divide the space up in your office and ensure each department has enough room to operate comfortably. One of the most cost-effective solutions for dividing the space in an office is using partitions, and there are various options available, including:

  • Demountable Partitions
  • Double-Glazed Partitions
  • Curved Glass Partitions
  • Drywall Partitions
  • Switchable Glass Partitions

Using glass partitions in a large office is an excellent idea, as it helps maximise the natural light, makes a more comfortable working environment, and looks fantastic.

The Lights In Your Office

The lighting in the office is something many companies overlook, and you will want to use high-quality LED lights for your office space and get rid of the old fluorescent strip lights of yesteryear. LED lights cost a little more, but they last longer, are more energy-efficient and can reduce your energy usage and save your company money. As the lighting costs in the office can account for around 35% of the energy usage, swapping to LED lights and reducing the energy you use for lighting by up to 90% allows you to make significant savings on your utility bills.

Alongside considering the internal logistics of your office setup, if you’re relocating your business across distances, you might need to get your car transported anywhere in the UK, ensuring everything you need arrives safely and efficiently at your new location.

Furnishing Your Office

You must also carefully choose the furniture for your office and ensure you buy quality furniture with a warranty. Trying to save money by buying cheaper and lower-quality furniture will cost you more in the long run. It can lead to uncomfortable workers in the office, reducing their productivity. You will want to choose ergonomic designs that are comfortable and look fantastic, helping to keep your employees happy and productive in the workplace.

These are a couple of the primary factors you must consider when designing your new office space, but there are more than the few listed above. You can click here to get more considerations to factor into your design and ensure you create a productive and comfortable workspace for your employees.

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