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Outsourcing VS Doing it yourself

One of the first things I learned in business was how to outsource tasks below my pay grade or below my skill level. It generally always made a lot of sense and has – over the years – helped me grow my business faster than if I had done it all by myself. Which is why I was shocked when I see one of my friends shoot and post the below video inside the eBook Cover Creator post on his blog. I wasn’t caught off guard by Konrad posting it, but rather by him suggesting people should create their fancy ecovers themselves.

Its very unusual for him to make such a recommendation simply because he is the one who suggested I outsource tasks in the first place. In fact, he is the one that pushed me to start my own business – always saying things like – ? oh that’s easy. Just outsource it!? So – out of sheer curiosity – I had to watch the video, and to my surprise? His recommendation actually makes sense. Here’s why: Creating your own eBook covers is one of the easiest things in the world – IF you use the tool he recommends. No, you do not need technical know how (Konrad certainly isn’t the brightest when it comes to technology), and you certainly don?t need any photoshop experience. You also don’t need to waste hours trying to figure it out as it is just such a simple to use system. The best part according to Konrad (and now me) is that you can create incredibly beautiful ecovers in mere minutes. Not hours. Not days. Heck, not weeks like my graphic designer likes to tell me. The moral of this post is twofold. First, don?t outsource your ecovers.

Make them yourself. Its so easy even a five year old could figure it out. Second, only outsource tasks which can’t be automated or simplified with software. I often see people trying to outsource tasks that can be done with a couple button clicks on the right software. Often times the software is even free, so always do a quick Google search for automation software before you pay someone a fortune to do it for you. Why? Because whoever you outsource it to will laugh as they click those software buttons for you. As world renowned author and speaker Jim Rohn (may he RIP) once said: Don’t wish it was easier – wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems – wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges – wish for more wisdom.

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