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Noted Benefits of Oxandrolone Anavar Doses

The need of utilizing surplus supplement arises when the desire to have well shaped body started emerging in mind of fitness lovers. Individuals who take part in sports and games in professional level feel it a necessity to take drugs which will surely help in enhancing their stamina and muscle strength in quick and safe way. Anabolic steroids like Oxandrolone Anavar popularly known as Oxanabol.

It was first designed to be used to cure obesity, few chronic infections and for quick recovery from illness. At present it is used to gain lean mass and to have a competitive edge athletes use it regularly. In simple term you can say that it enhances an individual performance in sports field and helps bodybuilders to maintain lean muscles in the cutting steroid phase.

How is the drug able to give such benefits?

Anabolism is a process which generates strength and energy in muscles with the help of protein. It even happens due to synthesis of phosphocreatine present in the muscle tissue. To increase the rate of anabolism, you need to take extra supplement and protein rich diet. It has the ability to enhance your appetite which in turn helps in gaining well shaped muscle mass.

Other features:

  • Increase metabolism rate within body. This helps to shed unwanted fat and give your body the shape desired.
  • Athletes are able to hold their stamina which enables them to focus on their game.
  • Weight lifters are profited by the extra gain in muscle strength.
  • While using in cutting cycles it aids in shedding muscle fat and retains the lean muscle mass.
  • Is easily available in any pharmaceutical shops or can be bought through internet in reasonable price.


You don’t need to take it in high proportions to be effective, low doses will do the desired trick effectively.  Generally 10mg a day is prescribed for women users of steroid and 30mg to 80mg per day for men. Medically 5 mg twice a day is prescribed for people who need to gain body weight.

Anavar/Oxandrolone tablets are often stacked with doses of Masteron and Testosterone to gain faster result in safe way. Pro hormone supplements are taken along with it to avoid the imbalances of hormones.

Women users prefer to utilize the drug as it has minimal chances of aiding virilization (developing feature of men). Nausea, diarrhea, and formation of acnes are some of the common health issues, if the steroid is taken in an improper way.

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