Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

No Butts About It

One of the worst habits you can develop is smoking cigarettes. What used to be a normal, popular, and even stylish habit has increasingly become less so. Everyone used to smoke 50 years ago, even women who were pregnant. The education and knowledge that we have now just was not present back then. People didn’t know how detrimental to a person’s health smoking cigarettes could be. You used to be able to smoke everywhere in public such as in restaurants, in airports, and more. Now, there are strict rules in most public places and designated smoking areas for individuals who still chose to light up.

Health Risks

Tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemicals and poisons like tar and carbon monoxide. Tar covers the lungs with sticky brown stuff which makes it hard to breathe. Carbon monoxide is the same poison that comes out of your car and is fatal when ingested in large doses. It also steals oxygen away from your lungs, which are the organs that need it the most. Those who smoke for a long time can develop very serious health problems and potentially deadly diseases. Cancer can come in many forms for smokers such as the mouth, lungs, throat, nose, oesophagus, liver, bladder, kidney, pancreas, stomach, and bone marrow. Heart disease is also a risk for long term smokers, as well as lung diseases such as COPD which gives you chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Even smoking electronic cigarettes or vapes are just as dangerous as smoking. The e-liquid found in these devices is just as harmful as tobacco and can cause cancer and diseases as well.

Just Say No

Electronic cigarettes have been introduced recently as a great alternative and easy way to quit smoking cigarettes. However, they possess their own health risk issues and this is not a good backup option. The best thing you can do as a smoker is quit and stop putting these dangerous chemicals into your body day after day. Unfortunately, breaking an addiction can be a lot more complicated than just wanting to quit. There are other options available to help smokers quit that won’t damage the body as much as electronic cigarettes. Since nicotine is the chemical in cigarettes that keeps you addicted by bringing on those urges, replacing it can help to wean for good. There are nicotine patches and gum that can provide the body with the buzz without doing its full damage. Another way to quit smoking is to avoid situations that will make you crave a cigarette.


For instance, some people may smoke the most in social situations when drinking alcohol is involved. These people might need to choose to not go out for a while or to avoid those friends who also smoke so they won’t be tempted. The other options for quitting smoking are to either quit slowly or go cold turkey and stop smoking completely. Stopping anything that you enjoy can be really difficult and no fun. Nevertheless, taking into consideration all the potential health problems smokers face, the best way to save your life is to quit.

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