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Looking to Launch a New Career? Consider Hospitality

Are you tired of your current position? Maybe you’re sick of office culture, the daily 9am to 5pm grind, the sitting in front of a computer, ruining your joints and your eyes for a salary that was once appealing but somehow no longer seems worth it. Maybe you’re tired of retail, of standing in a store all day, arranging things so that they look visually appealing, and getting to talk to only a small number of customers. Or perhaps you’re a school-leaver who’s starting to consider your options now that you have finished studying and have graduated from high school.

If you fit any of the above profiles, then you might want to consider a launching an incredibly exciting and rewarding career in the hospitality industry. Hospitality careers are often well-remunerated and allow employees to work not only in Australia but around the world in all kinds of amazing and exotic locales.

Hospitality careers tend to suit people who work well in a high-pressure, high-demand, and fast-paced customer service environment. If you can’t sit still and you derive a genuine joy from making others feel at home by providing a high level of service and attention, then this industry just might be perfect for you.

How to Enter the Industry?

So, how do you get your foot in the door of the hospitality industry? As with all other industries, education is key and opens a lot of doors. A good education such as that at TAFE will make your applications for roles really stand out from the crowd as well as give you a lot of hands-on experience that will give you a real and practical leg up when you start your career. Hospitality courses are a fabulous way to build a solid skill set that will provide a solid foundation for you when you begin working.

What Courses Are Available?

A very wide array of courses are available to students who would like to receive vocational training in order to enter the hospitality industry. These include but are not limited to courses in Coffee Operations, Food Safety, Hospitality, Kitchen Operations, Responsible Service of Alcohol, and Responsible Conduct of Gambling. The career pathways that these courses can take you down are extremely diverse. You could become a barista working at that trendy new café that everyone’s raving about. Or you could become a bartender at one of your city’s finest establishments, dressing up in dapper suits and impressing high-end customers with your knowledge of cocktails. And those are just two careers of a broad range that could become available to you.

What Are You Waiting for?

If you could see yourself working in hospitality, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Research online courses that suit your needs. Do you want to be a bartender, a chef, a kitchen hand, a waiter, a host? Explore the career options for your desired pathway. The sooner you enrol yourself in the course that suits you, the sooner you’ll be on your way to achieving your dreams.

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