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Long Term Storage Company

Offering air-conditioned warehouse for long term storage in Sydney. Equipped with all the latest technologies in Anti fire alarm, anti theft alarms and 24 hour surveillance with high quality cameras with perfect night vision. Extraordinary inventory management where the details of the stored item will be entered and saved immediately. Keeping records of every stored item in warehouse into the directory helps us to process quickly when retrieving a stored item for our customer. So storing of work related materials will be more convenient when retrieving it. Inventory management system is also very helpful in coordination of the pickup and the delivery of the customers items. Vaulted system in our storage facility ensures that the stored goods are safe and secure. Items which are way too big can be stored in open racks.

Our storage warehouse has enough space to maintain open racks and also vaulted storage. We provide short term and long term storage space options. The goods will be moved carefully with our mobile transportation. Pickup and delivery can be done easily with us. Consider the search for a long term storage space is over. The flexible options combined with the inexpensive pricing is a rare pair. We provide our services taking them both into account. Another rare pair is the latest technology with excellent service for our customers.

Long Term Storage Company

The storage facility is situated in a high profile and easy to access locations in Sydney. The customers possession’s security is one of our top priorities. Customers with the need of storing households for a long term can also get benefit from our service. Customers moving from one home to another where the new home is not ready for the goods to be placed. The old home needed to be vacated. The customer have to just give us a call. We will provide best service in transporting and storing all the gods safely in our warehouse. The well trained moving team will pack your goods and move them without a scratch. When the customer returns for their possession. Same care will be taken. Pickford will be sent to your place to pack and wrap the item. Relieving the customer from hiring other services for it and also the cost of hire vans. It is also because of the reason that we always value our customers time. Traveling becomes more convenient and peaceful if you are sure of your possessions safety. We are friendly and also knowledgeable group in this line of work

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