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Know about this blue and white and capsule shaped pill!!

Phentermine is a weight loss drug, which can be acquired on prescription intended for short term use. The k29 pill is a diet pill suppressing the appetite, while providing some energy. This is a generic form of Phentermine. This enables the user never feel hungry. This steroid needs to be taken along with an exercise and diet program recommended by a doctor. This is meant for the individuals, who are severely obese and looking for rapid weight loss.

The K29 pill is a Blue & White and Capsule-shaped pill  that can be taken under the supervision of the doctor only. The individuals need not to get confused with other brands and is known as K-25 diet pill. The results on intake of a steroid vary from one person to the other. The individuals, who strictly follow the advice of the doctors and the exercise program, get good results. As per the general consensus, this steroid is not meant for children, unless it is an extreme case.

The individuals under 18 years of age are generally advised with alternative therapies including the exercise and the diet. The K29 pill is generally used by the individuals, who are going through medical conditions including the Type 1, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, heart problems and life threatening overweight problems, etc. This steroid has Phentermine 37.5 mg as its active ingredient. This is a standard dosage, which can be reduced to 15 mg according to the needs of the patients as well as the health considerations.

Most of the individuals go for capsules rather than tablets considering that they are more safe and effective. But, actually there is no difference among the two other than their personal preference. Both the forms of the drug require prescription. Also, both the forms of the drugs produce results on intake with strict diet and exercise program. The quantity of the active ingredient is also the same in both the forms. There have been a number of scams reported. It has been observed that a number of sellers are selling fake products on the internet.

The individuals must go for local pharmacies or the online pharmacies located in the United States, when they are looking for the best price for a prescription. The individuals are not supposed to order K29 pill online, even with a prescription. This is because of the import laws. Also, the individuals cannot identify the product ordered online, whether he/she has received a real or fake product online. Some of the Phentermine products have been found with inedible resins instead of a promised drug.

The individuals can make an identification mark consider that it is a blue and white and a capsule shaped pill. This pill is held to strict manufacturing as well as marketing standards by the FDA. The CVS is a pharmacy selling different forms and products of the Phentermine. The availability of these products is based on the pharmacy. Any of the Phentermine product can be abused for emotional and physical highs.


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