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Keep Your Refrigerator in Good Condition with This Guide

On average, most refrigerators last for about 10 to 18 years, depending on the quality and the maintenance. It is one of the most used appliances in our house that is most definitely not cheap to replace when it breaks down. For that reason, it’s important to have routine maintenance and repairs to make your fridge last longer and save you large sums of money.

Proper maintenance can help you catch issues, no matter how small, that are affecting your fridge’s performance. From there, you could obtain the necessary repairs to extend the life of your appliance. Here are some fridge maintenance tips that you can follow.

  1. Find the best location

The place of the fridge is often neglected by many homeowners. We hate to break it to you but that nook at your kitchen area is not always the best placement for a fridge, particularly if you want it to last longer. The fridge’s compressor and motor will have to work harder when exposed to heat and can potentially shorten the unit’s life span. Find a spot that is far from heat vents or the oven and direct sunlight.

In case you have limited space, you can just use an insulated board to minimize any heat exposure. It will also help if you can close any nearby heat vents or shut your windows’ blinds. Also, don’t crowd the fridge with other appliances or cabinets.

  1. Vacuum the cooling coils

One of the causes of a refrigerator’s failing efficiency is the collection of grime, dirt, and dust in the condenser coils. This can also lead to a potential breakdown as the blocked coils won’t be able to release heat. It is ideal to thoroughly vacuum the condenser coils at least every six months. Pull the fridge out from the cabinet or pop off the grille to see the coils. They are either on the rear or underside of the fridge. In case you have pets in the house, it’s best to vacuum the coils every month.

  1. Replace the water filter

If you’re using a refrigerator with a water filter, you should change it to a new one at least every six months too. Find a quality filter that is guaranteed to remove the bacteria and contamination from your drinking water. These water filters are used for the fridge’s water dispensers and ice makers so it’s best to replace them regularly to ensure cleanliness. Don’t forget to check the specific replacement information and recommendations on the manufacturer’s manual.

  1. Inspect the gaskets

The door gaskets on your fridge help seal the cold air inside, ensuring the efficient performance of the unit and prevent it from using more energy to reach the desired temperature. Clean the gaskets using a damp cloth or sponge and wipe out excess water to prevent it from evaporating in the folds. If there’s a mold in the door gaskets, use a disinfecting cleanser to treat it. On the other hand, if the gaskets are already deteriorated or cracked, replace them immediately to avoid the unit from working harder to cool the insider.

  1. Fill it properly

Overfilling your refrigerator is never a smart idea as it can impact its performance since there won’t be enough space for the cool air to circulate. On the other hand, an empty unit is not also recommended since your fridge will need to work harder to cool the entire space. Balance is highly necessary for filling a fridge. Ideally, there should be one to two inches of distance between the fridge’s contents. Avoid filling it up to the top. Also, make sure that the internal fans are not blocked by any item to allow the air to circulate properly.

  1. Call on experts when needed

While DIY maintenance and repairs seem to be an affordable way to take care of your fridge, it can lead to more expensive problems if you miss out on a potential issue or have done something wrong out of carelessness. For such reason, it’s best to acquire a professional appliance repair service to fix even the smallest issue in your unit.

These experts cannot only fix the current problems in your fridge but also detect potential issues and increase the unit’s longevity. Fret not because most of these repair and maintenance companies offer reasonable estimates, no extra charges, and free diagnosis. After all, the fee you’ll pay for the repair is definitely just a small amount compared to getting a new fridge.

Buying a new refrigerator can surely hurt your monthly budget. Practice the routine maintenance tips and call on trusted repair companies to maximize the efficiency of your fridge! Make it last longer and save yourself from the price and hassle of replacing it prematurely.

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