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Is it easy to find a job in China?

There are many instances where in the west has intervened with China because of its great power. There is recent news wherein the US wanted to pull out their manufacturing in China and some other news saying Canada would like to weigh in the issues of the Nanjing Massacre. However, China is strong on its own. Many would like to take part of this power, however, they always seem to be lost in translation. Relating it back to the recent pullback of US for manufacturing, is China now losing its power to overrule to the world of the economy? The simple answer is no.

In the world of economics, they say that most labors are outsourced to China because of its cheap labor cost. Does this mean that there is a high chance of getting a job due to the demand? There may be high demand but you must always remember that in any job they look for the base requirements. China mainly uses its own language for conversing; only a few people know how to speak English. Reading materials and documentation are majority written in Mandarin. Before you apply for a job in this country, be sure that you can understand the language or the dialect you want to be assigned to.

If you have surpassed that very important requirement, then you are ready for your job hunting. If you have a personal contract who already work for a company in China, you may course your application through your contact and hope that someone may be in need with your skills. If you don’t, the easiest way to find a job is via the Internet. There are many jobs offered in China available on the internet. The more popular websites where Chinese companies advertise their job offers are www.zhaopin.com, www.51job.com or www.chinahr.com. Some of these sites are translated into English so you won’t have a hard time translating. However, the actual job posting of the companies is mostly in Mandarin. If you happen to spend your vacation in China or have a business trip there, you can check the classifieds in the English-speaking magazines. Such listings are targeted at foreigners, but most of them are only for part-time or contract work.

Like previously stated, the majority of Chinese people do not know how to converse in English. Due to the relevance international relation bring nowadays, English is already being taught in schools in China. English teaching jobs are available at high schools, universities and private language schools. You can see job posting by the school directly, through agencies or still though job offering websites. However, online English class has become more popular to professionals in China. They would rather learn English through online classes. Therefore, the schools needing this type of service may offer low wages. If you’re lucky enough to get a good employer, you may have a good pay as an English teacher. English teaching jobs normally require that you are a native speaker and have an English teaching certificate like the Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL). If you have a master’s degree this will not only increase your chances of finding a position but also your salary. Some people find their way to China by education. You may opt to pursue your master’s degree in China and apply for a part time job while studying there.

Similar to applying for a job elsewhere, the first step is to make a letter stating your intentions and why you think you are qualified for the job. In China, they don’t usually entertain long cover letter. Make it as simple and concise as possible. Then, submit it together with your resume. There is no right or wrong format for your resume as long as your personal information, work experience, educational background, skills, accomplishment and career objectives are place in. Do not oversell yourself; Chinese prefers a more modest style in presenting themselves. If the company is interested in your profile, you will be given a chance of an interview. As with any job interview, be clear with you intent and make sure you explain well why your skills would fit the job perfectly.

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