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Installing an Enterprise Email Protection Solution

Email is widely regarded as one of the most revolutionary forms of communication. Introduced in the late 20th century, email made it easy for people to send messages from one place to another in an extremely convenient manner. Not only did it manage to eliminate the distance, allowing people in two different corners of the world to communicate with each other just as long as they had an Internet communication, but it was also very fast and efficient.

Email Protection Solution

Today, email has improved drastically. You can attach pictures and send large files along with the mail within a few minutes. Email has evolved considerably in the past few decades. The number of functions for which email is being used has also grown. Previously, people used email just for communicating with each other. Today, email has become one of the most popular outlets for marketing.

Spam email is known for bringing down servers and causing disruptions in company operations. Every morning, your employees might have to spend at least half an hour sifting through their email inboxes, deleting all useless emails and replying to important ones. Spam mail might even contain viruses that could infect your company’s computers. A better solution is to install a dedicated program that allows you to keep out all unwanted email.

Find a Viable Program

Enterprise solutions are considerably different from ordinary mail spamming programs. Whereas an ordinary mail spamming program is designed for use on one computer, enterprise programs are designed to protect the whole server. Companies that offer such programs generally require customers to change their DNS servers. All mail will then arrive on the company’s servers, where it will be screened and checked. All clean mail will be sent to your company’s server, from which it will be sent to individual account inboxes. All unwanted mail will be kept in a quarantine folder, so that it can be viewed later on.

You should know that most companies that offer such solutions usually offer subscription-based plans for their customers. You can choose from the options available and then select a plan that best suits your needs. For instance, programs such as Mailcleaner have become hugely popular amongst small to medium sized owners. Mailcleaner can assist in preventing unsolicited and spammy emails from flooding your company’s servers.

Enterprise solutions

The Benefits

Using a mail spamming solution can significantly improve operations in the workplace, and it offers a host of added benefits. The most obvious benefit is that your employees’ performance will increase drastically. They won’t have to focus on pointless things and worry about distractions, thus enhancing productivity.

Another major benefit is that it protects your company’s servers. If a lot of spam mail is directed towards the servers, they might crash, taking your whole network offline. However, since the program will check every mail and scan it thoroughly before dispatching it to your server, the chances of a crash via spamming are considerably reduced.

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