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Incident Detection: Critical to Effective Cybersecurity Programs

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking employee productivity tracking about the most effective quality in cybersecurity programs? Perhaps malware analysis and overall damage control? Maybe it is the ability to provide round-the-clock service? While they are all vital tools in the cybersecurity suite, perhaps the most critical element is none other than incident detection.

After all, quality incident detection says a lot about a cybersecurity program’s ability to get the job done. What is even better is that while many small organizations are unable to obtain the very best cybersecurity suite due to how expensive it can be, incident detection is a quality you can find in some of the more reasonably priced SIEM services. Here are just a few reasons why incident detection is critical to effective cybersecurity programs.

Plenty of work goes into incident detection

Perhaps the bulk of work goes into incident detection due to the sheer volume of incidents that require the program’s attention every day. You are looking at hundreds of thousands of different events where a cybersecurity suite needs to figure out which events are benign, and which require attention. A focus on incident detection means that the service is as efficient as can be, and is not afraid to get the job done no matter how extensive the network might be.

After all, even the smaller networks can still have a substantial number of instances that require a more in-depth look!

False positives can be a challenge all on their own

Aside from dealing with possible anomalies and benign events, there is also the trouble of false positives. It might hold evidence of a possible breach, only to be a false positive when the cybersecurity program looks deeper into it. Not only does it waste time, but there are plenty of cybersecurity suites that fail to catch a breach due to the number of false positives. Even worse, some of the more sophisticated attacks can seem like a false positive, which increases the risk of some cybersecurity measures missing the potential breach entirely.

Incident detection focuses on getting to the root of the matter faster

The ability to sift through all of the tedium and create a more streamlined process is not uncommon in different business sectors. For example, the ability to mass produce any product depends on how quickly the workers and machinery are able to streamline repetitive tasks. The same thing goes with effective cybersecurity programs. Those that prioritize incident detection have found ways to simplify the search for anomalies, making it much quicker to get to the root of the matter.

While a cybersecurity suite can have a whole list of excellent features, if incident detection is not their primary focus, you will not be getting your money’s worth. If you want to protect the network of your organization, a focus on incident detection will help minimize the risk of a potential attack and maximize efficiency.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/hacking-cybercrime-security-2300793/


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