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Important Reminders for Cleaning Staff While Doing Their Job During Office Hours

Hiring a cleaning company to do the job instead of hiring full-time staff is an excellent idea. You can save money since you are paying the agency based on the agreement. You might also have many people who come to your office and clean. Before the cleaners begin their job, it is crucial for you to give these reminders, especially if they start cleaning while your employees are at work.

Be courteous when cleaning an employee’s area 

If the occupant is present when cleaning the office, booth or table, the cleaner needs to be polite in asking if it is okay to come in and clean. Some employees might say no, especially if they are busy at that moment. Tell the cleaners to start with another space if one area is unavailable.

Avoid using loud equipment 

Vacuuming requires the use of loud equipment. Some electric mops are also loud. Remind the cleaners only to use the equipment after work hours. During office hours, they can use a regular broom and mop. They also need to limit their tasks to the ones that do not require disturbance of the other people’s work.

Do not unplug anything 

If cleaning the office after work, it is crucial to keep everything an employee owns intact. If the employee left the computer plugged in, it needs to stay that way. Removing the plug could turn the computer off and result in the loss of sensitive information and files.

Do not touch papers

It is okay to rearrange a table if it is messy or even group them according to their use, but do not throw anything away. Even if it seems the employee might be about to throw some paper away, it needs to stay on the table.

Segregate waste 

Tell the cleaners to segregate the waste properly before throwing it away. If your office follows environment-friendly practices, even the people you hire from a third-party agency need to follow those practices. It is unacceptable to combine all trash collected inside the office and throw it away in a dumpster. It also helps if you have a recycling area where the cleaners can keep and organise the items that you can still recycle.

Some tasks after work 

There are cleaning tasks to avoid while there are still people inside the office. Once they leave, the cleaners can now clean the blinds, ledges and even tops of bookcases. These are dusty areas, and they could lead to allergies if cleaning happens while there are people inside. Collection of trash also needs to happen after work to avoid making several trips to the dumpster. Any task that involves liquids, chemicals or insect sprays should not occur during office hours.

After explaining these reminders to the cleaners, they will be ready to do their jobs. If you are yet to find the people to help clean your office space, you can check out www.twinkleclean.co. Do not settle for poor quality cleaning services; choose only the best.

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