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How To Store And Manage Stock In Your Warehouse?

Warehousing is not just accommodating inventory or items in huge numbers. It needs proper organization or the risk of delivery delay can cost your business. Storage management involves –

  • The smooth flow of inventory within and outside the storage facility
  • Monitoring of inventory flow
  • Planning facility layout
  • Offering proper shipping plans to deliver order on-time
  • Ensure sufficient supplies in stock
  • Avoid overstocking, and more

You will find storage companies that exclusively provide warehouse for boxes. For example, Belley warehouse for boxes are ideal for storing inventories and managing them more efficiently physically and digitally.

An efficient physical system is incorporated with digital technology for streamlining operations and enhancing sales.

Access to goods in demand

Evaluate items often sold from your inventory. Make such items accessible easily or close to delivery areas, which reduce the energy and time necessary for staff to get goods for the waiting customers. Organize warehouse from front-to-back based on frequency and size.

Categorize and label

Categorize items and hang a large sign on the shelf. Each section needs to be subdivided, for example the toys sections will be subdivided into different ages. After categorizing the warehouse, items need to be labelled with an SKU number that synchs with inventory software system.

Inventory management software

Bar code readers are used to scan things bought. The software records the items price and modifies the total. This allows performing warehouse inventory regularly for quality control purpose. Reports are generated automatically, so that more can be ordered. The warehouse staffs even get to know quickly, if the product is out-of-stock or not.

Receiving area

New inventory deliveries are made in this receiving area. They are sorted here and then moved to their designated area. Receiving area is near the warehouse backdoor. If your inventory products include expiration date then place new inventory behind older ones. It helps to move items in order to avoid waste of items because they got expired.

Maintenance & cleanliness

Upkeep is crucial. Items get removed from shelves but set a program to restock them weekly or monthly and conduct quality control checks. Tools and equipment need to be returned to its storage spot, after use. Clean the aisles and remove any clutter. This will decrease the mess caused, when products get displayed on inventory reports but are not found on shelves.

The staff needs to be trained on the method of proper inventory control along with regular upkeep and cleaning.

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