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How to Select a Uniform Supplier for Your Business

If you own a customer oriented business, you need to make sure your customers can tell who works for you and who doesn’t when they walk through your doors. By having employees wear uniforms, your customers will be able to easily identify whom they can go to if they have questions or concerns. However, selecting a uniform supplier can be a difficult decision.

Renting Versus Buying

During the process of looking for a uniform supplier, you will need to decide whether to rent or buy your employees’ uniforms. If your company has a high employee turnover, then renting uniforms may be a good option, because you can keep different sizes on hand for when new people start working. However, for some businesses, buying uniforms may be a better option because they can reduce their uniform costs.

Uniform Supplier

Some rental companies charge fees for adding employees to the rental contract or when employees change their uniform size. The fee may be nominal, only one or two dollars per garment for size changes, but since some contracts can be as long as five years, that cost can quickly add up. In addition, rental companies will charge you the same price for washing the uniforms even if some of the pieces are missing because they were not turned in by employees.

Selection Variety

When looking for a supplier, you will want to consider each company’s uniform selection in order to find a business that can meet your needs. If your employees work outdoors, then they will need uniforms befitting the season. If a supplier doesn’t have a good selection of seasonal uniforms in Australia, then you will need to find one that does, so your employees are attired correctly in order to stay cool in the summer and warm during the cold winter months.

A good selection will also include accessories that you can purchase to match the uniforms you pick for your company. For instance, if you want everyone to dress in the same way, then you will want to select a vendor that not only sells clothing, but shoes, socks, hats, jackets and any other uniform apparel that employees may need. This will help make sure everyone is able to dress the same way, which can help build your company’s brand.

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Customised Attire

If you’ve chosen to have your company’s uniforms custom designed, then you should select a uniform supplier that also manufactures uniforms. It will be less expensive to work with a company that owns the manufacturing plant than to hire a company that needs to outsource the production of your custom uniforms. It is also less likely there will be mistakes in the production of your uniforms if the same company is doing all the work.

The process of selecting a supplier for your employees’ uniforms is important because the way they look affects how the public will perceive your company. Sharply attired employees will feel more confident and be viewed favourably by customers.

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