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How to Choose the Best Type of Hand Dryer

Hand dryers are a necessary part of daily life, especially in commercial buildings with shared washrooms. There are numerous brands, models, and methods available. It can be overwhelming to sort through all the available inventory and try to decide which one is best for your needs. One way to shop for the best model and find a good deal is to go through a direct warehouse supplier. This type of retailer has countless options for a product (in this case, hand dryers) and also has employees with experience and knowledge in the field. This means you can talk with one of the specialists and get help navigating the large pool of options to find the absolute best one that meets your needs.


Why You Should Shop Online

While some large cities have physical warehouse dealers, in most cases the easiest way to shop is online. Generally, you will be able to find a much greater number of brands and models online, and it’s also a more convenient shopping experience. Instead of having to walk through a large warehouse filled with aisle after aisle of products, you can browse the online inventory at your convenience. Each listing has all the relevant information for the product, so it’s easy to see which ones meet your needs. Once you are ready to buy, you can choose the products you want and have your order delivered right to your location.


Three Categories of Hand Dryers

One of the easiest ways to separate the various hand dryer options into manageable sections is to sort by level of functionality. Of course, by nature this also tends to sort by price, which is another important aspect to consider. The first category is that of budget hand dryers. This category is great for someone who just needs a hand dryer. Maybe the washroom only has a paper towel dispenser and you want to move toward a more environmentally-friendly option. Perhaps you aren’t planning on exceptionally high usage for the dryer. In either case, a budget dryer can be the best solution. The most important feature at this end of the market is that the dryer works fast enough to allow people to choose it over paper towels. There are many budget options available. For quality, cheap hand dryers click here.


The next level is performance dryers. These are designed to withstand more usage than budget dryers and are generally built with higher-quality materials. The performance may be enhanced as well. Dryers in this category may have additional features such as energy saving modes or automatic heat sensors which vary the heat based on the ambient temperature of the room.


The most expensive hand dryers are in the prestige category. These are the best dryers on the market, with stylish features and exceptional performance. Prestige dryers may have cutting edge technology, and are designed to work reliably for a long time even with high usage. If you are looking for a dryer that exudes style, class, and quality, the prestige category is the best one.

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