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How to Apply RU58841: A Brief Guide

About 35 million men in the US suffer from hair loss.

No matter what stage you might be at, hair loss can be an embarrassing issue to have. It may make someone feel old, ugly, or less confident in themselves. Luckily, advancements in caring for this issue, such as RU58841, are available!

Are you trying to figure out if RU58841 for hair loss is the right option for you? If so, you need to know how to apply it and whether or not it seems worth the time before you make a decision.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to apply RU58841 the right way.

Take a Shower First

It’s important to clean your hair before you apply the solution. You want to make sure that you remove any sebum buildup from your scalp and provide the solution with a “clean canvas” to work on your skin.

Make sure that when you’re taking a shower, you’re washing your hair and scalp thoroughly with a gentle shampoo. Don’t scrub too hard, but make sure that you’re taking the time to get all areas of your head clean.

You also want to make sure that you thoroughly rinse your shampoo out before you get out of the shower. Once you’re done, take the time to dry your hair completely before you apply the solution for the best RU58841 results.

Fill the Dropper

Once your hair is clean and dry, you can fill up the dropper. You’ll want to load it with 1ml of the RU58841 solution for hair loss, but be careful not to drop or spill it as you use the bottle. Hold the dropper gently using your pointer finger and thumb.

Point the dropper directly at the required sections of your scalp to get optimal coverage. By putting the dropper directly on these areas, you can avoid some of the RU58841 side effects, such as acne (although some people find the solution can actually help with acne).

Apply the Solution

You’ll want to apply the solution right on your scalp, as we mentioned before, but you need to focus on the areas that are experiencing the most hair loss. These are likely to include your hairline, your temples, and the crown of your head.

Tap the dropper on these areas gently, but don’t let the solution flow down onto your head. There is no need to rub the solution in unless you feel it started to drip down onto other parts of your skin; instead, let it dry on its own.

You can repeat these steps once or twice per day to see the RU58841 before and after results in just days.

Now You Know How to Apply RU58841

As you can see, learning how to apply RU58841 isn’t terribly difficult. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to apply this solution t your own scalp a couple of times per day to see maximum results!

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