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How the internet has changed entertainment

If there has been one invention within the last 50 years that has massively changed our daily lives, it is the internet. Although first conceived of as an idea in the 1960s, it did not become useful for the public until the early 1990s. This time period saw the internet develop significantly with the advent of HTML, the WWW prefix and internet browsers to help navigate it.

Since then, the internet has developed to even greater levels of sophistication. One area that it has changed in a major way is entertainment. Thanks to the internet, the way you keep entertained now is a lot different than in the past.

In what ways has entertainment changed?

As 2018 moves on, the worldwide number of internet users is reported as more than 4 billion, and a significant portion of web use is dedicated to seeking out entertainment options in the following ways:

  • Shopping –You probably use the internet on your laptop or smartphone for this. After all, you can’t beat some retail therapy! The internet allowed people to shop in their spare time for books or clothes in a totally new way. You can now visit any shop in the world online and spend hours browsing for what you want without having to leave the house.
  • Playing games –Another entertainment niche that has changed thanks to the net is playing games. Online sites now allow you to logon and enjoy a number of games, from sports to role-playing or multi-player shooters. You can even find some online chess if you want to go more traditional! Gambling games have also taken advantage of the internet, and online casinos now give you the chance to play without leaving the house. There isa huge selection of games on these casino sites to enjoy, from slots to classic card games.
  • Social media –Who doesn’t love to keep in contact with their friends and the latest gossip on social media? You probably use this form of entertainment more than any other in the current climate. Social media is driven entirely by the internet and the ability it gives you to stay connected with anyone in the world.
  • New ways to learn –You may pursue a hobby like painting or martial arts to stay amused in your spare time. Before, you would have to physically attend a class to learn from an expert, but the internet has changed this forever. Now it is as simple as logging onto the many video streaming sites out there to find an expert tutorial instruction video.

Entertainment has changed for the better

The rapid pace of change in entertainment due to the internet has been impressive. This has definitely been a change for the better, as it has given peoplea wider and more advanced set of ways to stay amused. One thing is for sure – if you have access to the internet, then there is no way you will ever get bored anytime soon. It is as simple as logging on and choosing what fun you will have next.

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