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How Movavi Photo Editor Work?

Movavi Photo Editor is an affordable photo editor software equipped with a variety of basic photo editing features. It is suitable to be used for performing basic photo editing work. It supports the 5 basic photo editing functions including resize, crop, rotate, flip and level. If you work with photos a lot, you are going to find this software helpful.

Most of the time, the photos that you have snapped are not perfect and have objects that create obstacles to the main subject. Examples of objects that can create obstacles to the main subject in the photos are wires, birds, and passer-bys. This can create a lot of frustrations. You don’t want to have to retake the photo with your digital camera again and again since you re going to have to waste lots of time in order to snap the perfect photo that does not have any disturbance in it.

A quick fix to the problem is to use the Movavi photo software to erase these obstacles. It has a special feature that you can use to easily remove the obstacles by simply marking the subjects and unwanted items with the appropriate color. The subjects that you want to retain in the photo should be marked with green color while the unwanted items must be marked with red color.

There is no need to exactly draw a silhouette over the unwanted items with the red highlighting tool.
You just have to roughly mark the unwanted items with the red highlighting tool. Once you have marked them, you can click on the erase button and the unwanted items will quickly disappear. The photo looks natural as if you snap the photo in the perfect state without any of the unwanted item in there.

Movavi Photo Editor is also suitable for removing a background and swapping it for another background image. The steps are just the same for removing unwanted items in the photo. It involves using the red and green highlighting tools when removing an unwanted background in the photo. To remove the background, you must use a red highlighting tool to mark the background in red color and mark the subject with the green highlighting tool. After that, you must click Cut Out and the background image will be removed and converted into a transparent background.

You can save the photo in a transparent background in GIF format or insert another image from your computer to use as the new background image. After inserting the new image, make sure you save the photo in your preferred format. Movavi Photo Editor supports many types of image formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF, PGM, XBM, DPX and etc.

Different styles of captions can be added onto the photo and you can adjust the level of transparency of the captions. The photo editor allows you to create a slideshows from several photos. Animal transitions can be applied in between the slides so that the slideshow looks nicer. Song tracks can be added to the background of the slideshow so that the slideshow will be more enjoyable to watch.

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