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How Far Has Samsung Come?

Samsung is one of the most recognisable brands of the mobile phone in the world today. The phone company has been a long-time rival of Apple in the smartphone department. Walk down the street of any town in the country and you will see people staring intently at the screens of their Samsung phones. Samsung has been one of the most dominant purveyors of electronic goods that the world has ever seen. Unlock a Samsung with the help of a professional.

This helpful article takes a look at how far the Samsung brand has developed since the earliest days of the company. Read on in order to find out much more.

Early Days

The start of the company can be traced all the way back to 1938. A man called Lee Byung-chull decided to set up the Samsung company, selling local vegetables and made noodles as its very first venture. Eventually, the company grew in stature thanks to the amount of business which it had been conducting in the region of Daegu region of Korea.

The company grew enough to establish a base in Seoul, although the outbreak of the Korean meant that Lee had to move operations from the Korean capital to elsewhere in the country. Eventually, he decided to go to Busan, where he created a large sugar refinery. The success of this venture led Lee to start a large steel mill called Cheil Mojilk, which was the largest one that the country had even experienced up to that time.

South Korea was expanding rapidly, and the demand for progress in various different industries meant that Samsung began to diversify into different fields. Business, security and retail were just three of the areas which Samsung began to diversify into. The company was spurred on by the fact that South Korea’s ambitious president was prepared to protect powerful corporations which would help the country to develop rapidly. These benefits pushed the company to even greater heights.

In the late sixties, Samsung entered the industry which it is world-famous for today: electronics. The first Samsung electronic goods available were black-and-white television sets which were noted for their dynamic design. Once the company had gained a foothold in the electronics industry, it would appear that there would be no looking back.


The range of Samsung electronic goods grew at a breath-taking rate. Developments along the way included portable record players and fax machines. Although these products seemed otherworldly at the time, they soon become part of everyday life as Samsung began to sell more and more goods.

The first Samsung computer represented a major milestone in the company’s seismic development. The SPC-1000 was released in 1982 with an audio cassette tape which could be used in order to upload data to the computer as well as perform downloads.

The company emerged as a leader in the mobile phone industry after that, constantly developing phones which were faster and more streamlined than the last one. Fast-forward to the present day and the Samsung company has an estimated net worth of $28.5bn after debts.

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