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How Does the Virtual Office Concept Work?

Thanks to today’s current technologies, you can work virtually and also maintain a virtual address. Start-ups and entrepreneurs like the virtual office arrangement. Not only can you maintain a prestigious business address, but you also have access to a receptionist and office support as well.


You can get set up in your own office in as little as 36 hours. You don’t need to spend the extra money for fitting out an office yourself or hiring employees. Using a virtual office makes it possible to obtain a big company image without being a big company. As a result, virtual office arrangements allow small start-ups or companies to impress clients with a bona fide business address, often in a high-rise building. That address can be included on marketing copy or on your website. A new localised telephone number is also a part of the amenities.

An Ideal Answer for a Start-up

A virtual office in London is the ideal answer for any start-up business that wants to increase its revenue and attract clients. Clients see a prestigious business location and call a number that is answered by a professional office receptionist. Not only does this arrangement add to your presence in the local community and online, but it also gives you the opportunity to meet with clients at your address. Virtual office locations allow you to book a meeting room and meet with customers at your office whenever you want as well.


A Quick Way to Add to Your Business Image

Once you sign a contract with a virtual office provider, again, you can be live in as little as 36 hours. The corporate image for your business materialises in a very short amount of time. Typically, when you buy a virtual office service on the Internet, the confirmation for the transaction is emailed immediately. If you choose to do business this way, experts recommend that you keep your confirmation in a safe place as it is part of the agreement for the purchased services.


When you set up a virtual office for your business, you will need proof of an address and identity for yourself or for one of the responsible partners or directors in your company. You will also need to show proof of your company’s registered name. You can obtain the details you need to provide once you talk to one of the staff members at the virtual office location.

Why Should You Hire a Receptionist?

Why should you pay for a full-time receptionist when you can make use of a virtual office receptionist to handle calls and take messages? Receptionists at virtual office arrangements provide the same kind of service as a receptionist who is hired for the task. However, the cost to you is much more affordable. Plus, your clients won’t be able to tell the difference.

Plan view of female receptionist on the telephone and business man signing visitors book.

Calls can easily be directed to the destination number of your choice. As a result, your callers will receive the same prompt attention, whether you are working at home or at the office. Plus, the calls are answered by a person, not a machine.

Contracts for virtual office arrangements are flexible and are available for periods as short as three months, with the agreements becoming rolling contracts thereafter – all of which adds to the affordability and appeal of this kind of arrangement.

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