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How Can A Professional Orthodontist Help To Correct Oral Health Issues?

Orthodontics is an important area of dentistry that helps in correcting anomalies like jaw alignment, dental implants, facial trauma and teeth positioning etc. A professional oral surgeon can assist you to treat all such mentioned dental issues.

Misaligned teeth can cause problems like chewing and speech defects. Correcting such issues can promote your oral health which directly contributes to quality of life. This guide will brief you about common dental issues that an orthodontist can treat.

Dental Issues An Orthodontist Can Correct

  • Removal Of Wisdom Teeth

The third molars, called as wisdom teeth come up between age of 16 and 20 years. It is important to get wisdom teeth extracted since they can cause infection due to food trapping. Moreover, they also erupt to an unusual position such as twisted, sideways or tilted. A professional orthodontist can help you to correct this problem in no time. You can visit centredentairestonge.com, to know more about services of professional orthodontists.

  • Improper Bite

An improper bite is a problem that occurs due to an oral injury or childhood thumbsucking. It leads to problem of teeth misalignment which affects facial shape of a person. Though it may not affect health directly, but it can lead to lower self-confidence in the person.

Sometimes, it may even cause anxiety or depression. Moreover, it can have affect on a person’s ability to speak and eat properly thereby making it difficult to maintain overall oral health.  An orthodontist can help to correct improper bite in no time. In case you’re also facing this problem, don’t wait and visit a dental surgeon for quick solution.

  • Overcrowding

Overcrowding is state when there’s not enough space in one’s mouth, which makes it difficult to accommodate all your teeth. This problem can happen due to lesser space in jawbone leading to misaligned teeth and overcrowded mouth. This condition can be effectively treated by an orthodontist.

How to choose an Orthodontist?

Oral health is a contributing factor to overall health and well-being, and therefore shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s important that the chosen orthodontist has adequate knowledge about the procedure. To know about surgeon’s knowledge, you should ask him/her about total years of experience.

Besides this, ask him about his/her area of expertise. Moreover, don’t forget to mention about the emergency protocol and post-procedure that the orthodontist follows.


Hope this guide will help you in choosing the best orthodontist for your treatment.




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