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Hoodies for Men

With the upcoming winter season, everyone needs to cover and protect themselves from the chilly weather and winds. This cannot be achieved through the normal clothing that people wear in their day to day lives. An extra layer of shield is needed for protection. Therefore, people tend to opt for either sweaters or hoodies.

What are hoodies?

Hoodies are a kind of tops that have a thick layer of cloth along with a cap to protect the body and the head from winters. They may be contain a zip for the closure or just sometimes just simply worn with the neck opening. However the types and kinds of hoodies used differ from males and females.

Types of hoodies for men

The requirements of men and women differ considerably and from person to person. Here is a list of the different kinds of hoodies found in the market.

  1. Sleeveless hoodies

For those who do not require a full sleeved, this is the best option. A sleeveless hoodie can be used at places that are not so cold or just simply used as fashion. These are for the people who love to flaunt their style to the world.

  1. Full sleeved hoodies

These hoodies are worn by people who live in places that undergo low temperatures. They will give a full protection to the body and give enough warmth during winters.

  1. Cotton hoodies

The cotton hoodies are made from 100% cotton and are not very thick. However they are too soft to wear and are much more comfortable. The only con about a cotton hoodie is that it cannot be worn at places with lower temperatures as it cannot protect the body in chilled climates due to its comparatively thin layer.

  1. Leather hoodies

Leather hoodies are preferred in very cold climates as they protect the body from the cold due to its thick layer. They are warm compared to the cotton hoodies as they are made from leather. The leather may be a pure leather or faux leather.

  1. Quilted hoodies

The quilted hoodie has a quilted texture that gives it softness and makes it comfortable to wear. It is also thicker than the cotton hoodie and can be worn in cold places. They are mostly made up of leather and have a shiny finish.

  1. Fur hoodies

These hoodies are made up of fur and are used in extremely cold climates as they protect the body due to the presence of fur. Fur always keeps the body warm just like that in animals. These hoodies can be either made up of pure animal fur or artificial fur.

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