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Hastelloy pipe suppliers in uk procuring hastelloy pipes & tubes from INDIA

Hastelloy c276 tube is a nickel-molybdenum-chromium wrought alloy. The situations, where protection from aggressive corrosion and localized corrosion attack is required this Hastelloy C276 is preferred. The high molybdenum content makes this alloy especially resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion and the low carbon content minimizes carbide precipitation during welding to maintain corrosion resistance in as-welded structures. This alloy typically used in the applications such as pollution control, chemical processing, pulp and paper production, and waste treatment.

Due to its some important feature it can be used as resistance to oxidizers like Ferric and cupric       chlorides, Organic and inorganic hot contaminated media, Chlorine, Seawater, Acids, Hypochlorite, Chlorine dioxide. So Hastelloy C276 is the excellent choice in chemical industries and pollution control. Hastelloy C-276 is known as the most universally corrosion resistant material available today. Plenty of hastelloy tube suppliers are there in India who provides these tubes to the variety of industries for critical applications. Aesteiron Steels in India manufactures this Hastelloy C276 Welded & seamless tubes and pipes by using superior grade high nickel alloys. They offer Hastelloy C276 Pipes & Tubes in various thickness and dimension to suit the requirement of our clients. They are well known hastelloy tube exporter in India.

In the building, plumbing and chemical industries Hastelloy C276 Pipes & Tubes are widely used. Because of its excellent properties and general usage in highly corrosive environment it is being used in Hardware, Petro-Chemical Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Nuclear Industry, Pulp & Paper Indusry, Research & Development, Mega Projects & Defence & Development Industries. Increasing modernization and development in India led its steel production upto 2000MT and now stand on 3rd position in the steel market all over the world. India is having well diversified steel export market. By that same time global steel market demand is also increasing especially UK is having a large import market for steel. As India is becoming an export powerhouse hastelloy pipe suppliers in UK procuring hastelloy pipes & tubes from INDIA.

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