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Different Ways To Make Your House More Comfortable This Winter

With winter almost here, you will want to ensure that your house is as energy efficient as possible with the rising fuel costs, and there are many ways to do this. Some things you can do will help keep your home warm and save you some of the money you spend on your heating costs, so they are worth the investment. You can follow the tips below to help you get your home ready for winter and ensure it stays nice and warm without costing too much to heat.

Get Your Boiler Serviced

It is worth booking a service for your boiler before winter arrives and you start using it much more. Having your gas boiler regularly serviced will help to keep it running correctly and efficiently, but you must ensure the engineer is CORGI registered and knows what they are doing. Once your boiler is taken care of, there are other things you can do to help keep your home warm this winter.

Check Your Window & External Door Seals

You can find that your windows and external doors let in a draught as the rubber seal is old, worn, or has come away. You can purchase sticky foam that you can put around your windows and doors to stop any draughts and help keep your home warm this winter.

Check The Insulation In Your Loft

It is also worth looking at your loft insulation and seeing if you can improve this and if there is space for more insulation material. Hot air rises, so you want to trap it in your home and prevent it from escaping, which will help keep your home warm and reduce your energy bills this winter. You can purchase a couple of loft insulation rolls and add another layer to your loft to keep your home cosy and warm.

Thermal Backing For Your Curtains

You can also buy a thermal backing for your curtains which can help reduce the draughts that come from the windows and doors. You can purchase thermally lined curtains, or you can buy a thermal backing material to add to existing curtains. It can be a cost-effective way of reducing draughts in your home and making it much more comfortable when the weather is cold. You can also keep your curtains closed, which can help trap heat in your home and make it warmer, but it will mean you waste energy by having the lights on instead.

Check Your Radiators

You will also want to check your radiators and ensure that there is no air in the system that prevents them from heating up fully. Ensure the heating is off and use your radiator key and a cloth to bleed all your radiators of air, and ensure they are working correctly for when you need them.

Get Draught Excluders

You can also get draught excluders for your doors which can help reduce draughts in your home and make it much nicer when it is cold. You can fit these to your doors easily, and you can buy them for a couple of pounds each if you look, and they can make a significant difference to the temperature in your home.

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