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Designing a Menu Holder – Factors to Consider

The menu in a restaurant is perhaps the most important document. Customers are going to use the menu to browse through all of the offerings at your restaurant before making a decision about what they want to order. While you can simply print the names of the dishes and the prices on white paper and give it to your customers, presentation plays a very important role. If you want to build up a strong customer base and establish a foothold in the extremely competitive restaurant industry, you will need to pay attention to small details.


This includes making sure that the tablecloths are clean, that the napkins, spoons, and forks are placed properly on the table, and that there are no stains on any cutlery or crockery served to the customers. Most importantly, you will need to pay attention to the presentation of the menu. Using a high quality menu holder goes a long way in leaving a positive impression on your customers. Simply put, a holder is a hardback cover that you can use to store your menu inside. Most restaurants generally use custom holders designed in accordance with the theme and the colour palette of the place. If you are designing the holder for the menu for your restaurant, there are a few important factors you should consider.

The First Impression

The holder is the first thing a customer will see when you hand over the menu to them. Therefore, the first factor that you must consider is to decide which type of material you will use. Leather-bound holders are generally quite popular, and are widely used in many restaurants. Another option is to choose a laminated wood holder. These are slightly more expensive, and will require a bit more maintenance. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you should consider PVC holders. Of course, it goes without saying that the design of the holder also plays a role. Conventional holders are generally designed as flip boards. If you don’t want a conventional option, you can opt for a holder block or choose a poster holder.


You will need to order multiple menus for the restaurant. Obviously, this means you will also need a large number of holders for each menu. Most companies that manufacture custom holders also provide quotes to potential customers. There’s absolutely no need to spend a large sum of money when ordering menu holders for the restaurant. Ideally, it would be best for you to request quotes from two or three different manufacturers. Compare these prices and the quality of different holders before making a decision about the kind of holders you want for your restaurant. Many companies also provide discounts to customers who place bulk orders. You should consider these factors carefully before placing an order. Always ask for samples in order to see how the holder will actually look in your restaurant before you place a bulk order.

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