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Deca Durabolin – Know About Its Side Effects before Starting a Cycle

Taking supplements to build muscles and to improve sports performance has become quite common. It is understandable because the competition is very tough in athletics and other sports these days. Moreover, men want quick results in muscle building. However, taking anabolic steroids like Deca Durabolin can cause serious side effects. You should know what the side effects are and if it is worth the side effects.

Deca Durabolin – How does it work?

Nandrolone or Deca Durabolin or Deca in short, is an injectable steroid. It is basically a hormone similar to progesterone and helps in building mass and in enhancing strength. It has the property of increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention needed for muscle building. It also helps in repairing joints. FDA approved Deca as a medication to treat severe osteoporosis and anemia. Although it is approved by FDA, you cannot buy it over the counter. Buying it without prescription is not legal. Its use is restricted because of its side effects.

Side effects of Deca Durabolin

  • It affects the natural production of testosterone. This can result in erectile dysfunction. This is so common that this side effect is referred to as ‘deca dick’.
  • It can cause skin problems like acne.
  • It causes digestion problems like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
  • You may suffer from psychiatric side effects like anxiety, insomnia etc.
  • Bladder contractions leading to frequent passing of urine is also a common side effect.
  • Over dosage and prolonged dosage can cause side effects like gynecomastia in men
  • Rare severe side effects include liver cancer, liver tissue death etc.

Do you want to know how to lower risk of side effects while taking Deca Durabolin? You should never use Nandrolone alone. It should be stacked with testosterone. The right ratio for testosterone: Deca is 3:2. Deca suppresses the natural production of testosterone. It is better to take anti-estrogenic effects to avoid the side effects of decrease in natural production of testosterone.

There is another alternative and that is to take natural supplements that work like Deca but do not cause the side effects of Deca. One of the best examples is DecaDuro. It can be stacked with other natural supplements like D-Bal and Testo-Max to get better results. If you use DecaDuro, you will be powered to superior strength without any dangerous side effects. This is really good news. Try the safer alternative to attain your dreams safely.


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