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Common Business Advertising Mistakes

There are dozens of different ways to advertise your business successfully in order to gain more customers and increase profits. However, this process is not as easy as you might think because there are several business advertising mistakes which need to be avoided.

Advertising mistakes could lead your company to lose existing customers as well as discouraging potential customers from using your products and services. Read this helpful guide in order to avoid common advertising pitfalls.

Not Advertising Your Website With A Listing Service

Not advertising your website with a listing service could mean that you are not reaching as many people as you potentially could.

Many people use listing websites when they are looking for information about a business. You should find a listing site in order to make sure business more well-known. People can search by industry or topic, so they will be able to access your website easily if it is listed properly. You might also want to include extra information such as the address, phone number and email of your company. The additional information will make it even easier for potential customers to get in touch will you in the future. Add your website to a well known online directory.

 Neglecting Your Social Media

Companies which only update their social media once a month and only have a handful of followers will not be able to broaden their customer base very effectively.

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to advertising. You can run targeted campaigns which show adverts to a specific group of people. For example, if you run a company that sells baby clothes, you can customise the ad settings so that only women between the ages of 18-50 are targeted. If your business is localised you can make the adverts target people who are in a particular city or even a neighbourhood. This is known as “geo-targeting” and can be a very effective way of appealing to a specific audience which is not widespread.

Using Misleading Advertising

The cardinal sin of advertising is to use information which is incorrect. If you mislead your customers with false advertising, you could confuse or upset them when they don’t get what they expect. For example, if you advertise a Segway as “unbreakable” and then customers complain of damage, people might stop buying your products.


Misleading customers with false advertising could also potentially lead to your company being prosecuted or sued. This needs to be avoided at all costs because it could signal the demise of your company.

Using Offensive Advertising

You might be tempted to use shocking or offensive advertising for your business in the hope that it will make people sit up and take notice of your company. However, using offensive advertising could alienate large amounts of your customers and may cause you to be prosecuted by the authorities.

Hopefully, this guide has highlighted some of the advertising pitfalls which need to be avoided. Remember, neglecting your advertising will mean that your company will lose out on customers.

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