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Cloud Based Hosting for the New Century

In the new web-based digital economy, it pays to stay ahead of the technology curve. When it comes to business operations, being able to provide customers and potential customers with the best and most efficient web experience possible is essential. As a business owner, you need to make sure that you remain aware of technological trends and customer expectations. This means that every web-based business needs to be agile and adept at adapting to rapid change.

The ‘Cloud’ is not really a new concept. In fact, even decades ago some businesses used to utilise this client technology so that the processing power was handled by offsite mainframes. This bears many similarities to our modern vision of the cloud, where processing power and storage is taken care of in a large and secure data centre. What has changed since then is the way that cloud-based services are accessed and provided. Virtualisation technology means that any customer, whether a large business or an individual, has easy access to a private cloud service where storage and processing power is allocated.

Value and Performance

Where mainframe services were once the exclusive domain of huge corporations and innovative technology companies, advances in software, virtualisation, affordable storage, and processing power have revolutionised both our experience of the web and how the web is served. By harnessing the power of huge networks of affordable hardware and software, many online companies can now offer private cloud services to almost anyone.

Value and Performance

Harnessing this kind of computing power means that cloud services are not only affordable, but also offer great performance for only a comparatively small investment. This is the new economy, and this is how the new web is being served!

Reaping the Advantages of Cloud-Based Computing

Many businesses, both large and small, are moving to cloud computing, but it is well worth outlining just a few of the major benefits:

  • Customisation: The ability to set up a private cloud with custom software and custom processing power in a private data centre is reason enough for many businesses to move to this solution. This makes the cloud ideal for websites and online services that are resource hungry. In addition, clients and customers are even able to choose either VMware or Linux KVM, making the service even more flexible and customisable.

to set up a private cloud with

  • Dedicated: A privately hosted cloud service means that all the processing power will be available to the end user. There is no sharing of resources, which ultimately translates into a better and more secure experience.
  • Scalable solution: Due to the modular nature of the hardware, at any time a cloud service can be modified at the hardware level. This translates to more space and more processing power when needed. For businesses of any size, this allows the cloud service to grow along with the needs of the business.

Due to the modular nature

  • Support: Many services of this nature make it a strict policy to offer 24/7 around the clock support to the customers.

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