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Charge Your Fitbit Wristband to Charge up Your Health

In the era of this busy and modern lifestyle, people have been ignoring their health. So, it is time that you pay more attention to fitness and charge up your mind and body. Always remember that “A Healthy mind always resides in a healthy body”.


Fitbit : Your Fitness Friend

Fitbit is a device that calculates your health status and keeps you updated about your body. It measures A to Z of your body like sleep quality, number of steps you walk in a day and more. It is no different from your health consultant.

Its Working

This device is useful in tracking health status. It is very easy to learn more about the condition of your body, merely by following the below mention steps:

  • Sync your device with your Desktop PC
  • You will get detailed data in the form of graphs and charts through fitbit.com
  • Based on this data, you can design your workouts and reach the fitness goals

However, to let your device work anywhere you want, you need to keep it charged, so that it tracks your health progress without any interruption.

Modes Of Charging The Device

USB Port Of Desktop or Wall Charger with Smart Technology:

This is the fastest and easiest way of charging the device.

Remove the Fitbit tracker from the wristband:

There are many means of charging the Fitbit Flex. You will see a slit on the back of the wristband that allows users to access the tracker, which is present inside the device. Gently remove the tracker from the wristband by bending it, in order to take out the tracker.

Connect the Tracker to The Charging Cable:

Now in this step, you just need to connect the tracker to the charging cable. Make sure that you line up the golden metal contacts on the instrument to those that are on the charging cable, and then gently push it inside the device. This process will make a click sound after the tracker is properly plugged into the charging cable.

Plug In the Charging Cable:

Here, the charging cable needs to be plugged into the computer or the wall charger with the help of certified USB or Car charger.

Monitor the Battery level

The lights on the charger would illuminate to indicate a unit charge. Overcharging a device can damage it.

Remove the Charging Cable:

Once the charging is completed, reinsert the tracker into the wristband. Make sure it is placed in the right manner.

These are a few of the instructions one must follow to charge Fitbit flex band, so that no damage is done while charging it. It is recommended that you read the device manufacturer’s manual before charging it.

Keep your fitness wristband charged at all times and stay updated with your health status, and lead a healthy lifestyle. Ignoring your health can have diverse negative impacts on your body, life and relationships. Make sure that you never take your health lightly. Buy a fitness wristband now and stay fit for life.

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