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Careful Factors for Test Automation of Mobile Banking Apps


Manual testing ‘s the reason that mobile phone applications have very slow release cycles. As the amount of test parameters and products keep growing, testing will get uncontrollable and unprofitable and it is abandoned mid way. However this challenge for the loan industry can’t be offer relaxation. Tests are critical in this subject to make sure a safe and secure and seamless consumer experience. A bank’s mobile application may be the primary interface between your user and also the bank. Hence, the caliber of this experience is essential.

Testing of Banking programs requires the following

The general banking activities and business needs

Functional options that come with the applying

Security testing

Concurrency testing

Within the highly interconnected realm of financial services, the criticality of test automation increases tremendously because of a lot of reasons.

Frequent modification and enhancement of programs because of the constantly altering needs from the customer and also the regulating physiques.

The prosperity of one system relies upon the prosperity of running others. This will make the price of failure high.

The input data associated with financial services are extremely variable. This will make the level of test cases is larger.

Primary Weak points

The primary weak points from the capacity of automated testing for several financial organizations are due to restrictions of both process and technology. This adversely impacts the advantages of automated testing. The primary weak points are:

Although directed towards finish-to-finish network from the application, it more mainly concentrates on the primary system.

Determined by the occasions started through the Graphical user interface from the system.

Restricted to a particular quantity of test cases.

Achieving test automation

The Standard Assurance Team must start by modeling the interactions between your systems. This breaks large benefits into smaller sized ones. This can help to recognize the processing nodes and also the flow of logic and knowledge. The identification of those processing steps helps you to form input data for that subsequent steps.

The functions and procedures which have been recognized have to be further damaged lower in to the most fundamental processes and transactions. Parameters will be recognized and cases are produced. These may also be arranged together according to logic. This can help to look for the stages in the exam tactic to be automated making certain the very best investment of cash, time and effort.

Utilizing a pairwise coverage, the amount of unique test cases could be recognized. If additional cases are needed they are produced by hand.

An instrument may be used to create and keep various processes, parameters inside a library which may be reused whenever needed. It might have its very own execution engine or interface for test situation execution.

This above effort come to create, manage and execute tests enables testers to pay attention to analysis of test results and leverage these to create new test cases.


To attain maximum test coverage and faster time for you to market, companies have to automate 95% of the test cases as well as for maximum efficiency, they ought to make use of an automated testing solution that actually works using the IDEs and test frameworks already used.

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