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Can Your Surveillance Camera Be Tapped by an Outsider?

A surveillance camera is presumed to be a security device, but have you ever thought about the security of the surveillance camera itself? Some attacks can vulnerable it and make it malfunction, make its footages altered or it can be made not to work anymore at all, or for a short period of time. Yes! A surveillance camera can be tapped through- it can be hacked.

You may be dismayed that a surveillance camera can actually be hacked, although it requires a level of competence and hacking skills to hack into a surveillance camera, whenever your surveillance is hacked, your security and privacy is completely breached. Since surveillance cameras are somewhat connected to the internet, it is quite easy to be hacked or exposed to malware. Hackers have also built some special applications which can remotely tap in your security cameras. There are cases of reports from many residents about their privacy being hacked and the culprits of the breach have not yet been identified; thanks to hikvision that is gradually turning the table around.

In addition, if infidels or evil perpetrator gets access to your remote computer or perhaps your control room, they could alter footages, delete footages, add a wrong or non-ideal footage or even stage footage into the server. Therefore, you have to be extra careful about the security and privacy of your control room. Do you know some people are being trained to avoid being seen by a surveillance camera? That is why your surveillance camera should be appropriately positioned to view all angles. Also, a form of malware or virus can be downloaded into the surveillance camera server to make it malfunction or even completely destroyed, please take care of your surveillance so you won’t be the victim that is finally under surveillance. Surveillance systems are a lot more vulnerable to attack and breach than we actually think.

Protecting your surveillance camera should be done at least to some extent, make sure you change the default password of your security system, surveillance systems may come with a default password which may be the same, this makes it easy to be hacked. Also, when you feel your security is being breached, you could change your security password at intervals. This would protect your privacy to some extent. Also, it may be quite easy to view your security footages online or on your mobile device, however, for security reasons, the most secure way is to have the cameras connected to a computer in your home. Don’t carry remote server around, do not also use a system that can be remotely accessed- they are quite easy to hack.

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